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Microfich CD or Paper Reference


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Originally posted by texasz

What's the difference between the CD sold through this club and this? http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&category=6762&item=2418912048

Also how can one get the CD now-a-days?

The item on eBay is simply PAGES removed from a manual that BODY SHOPS use to identify, order parts, and re-assemble vehicles involved in accidents (body damage). They also give the estimated time it should take a "professional body shop man to do the work. If you notice the description indicated only body/chassis parts, it never mentions the Engine or Transmission, or Differential. These books are commonly called Estimater Books. They are NOT issued from Nissan.

The eBay item is NOT the same information as the CD sold by Mike for the benefit of our club. The CD is a copy of the Nissan issued microfiche sheets that the Nissan parts persons use to identify and order parts. It shows ALL part numbers, what number supercede (replace) items that are no longer available.

You can buy the Parts CD (and support the club!) on our website by clicking on the banner ad or look on eBay. Mike places a few auctions for the CD each week under his auction ID of "gholsie" (I may have spelled it slightly wrong)

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Originally posted by jlc280Z

Courtesy Nissan has it on their web site:


It's well worth the $35 price and it has Datsun/Nissan commercials on the bonus section.

The CD sold by Courtesy Nissan IS NOT the same product sold on this website. Purchase of the product from Courtesy DOES NOT support this club! The CD sold here is the only one authorized by Nissan.

FWIW, you can download DOZENS of Datsun/Nissan commercials for FREE on the internet. Commercials HERE ; Click on the ".mpgs" button

Offering them on the CD is no big deal.

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I purchased the CD from Courtesy. And, I'm not just saying this because I created our own CD... but, the Courtesy CD sucks arse. :D The graphical interface isn't as good and the images are of much worse quality.

I'm also offering our CD for $20 if you mail me your Courtesy CD. :cheeky:

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