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Zcon 2021 RoadTrip

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And a great time was had by all!!

Here's a couple pics from my collection.

Zup, CO, and wal280Z up on the mountain overlooking Colorado Springs. We're on the old Gold Camp Rd. This road used to be a railroad between Cripple Creek and Co. Springs. Since it wasn't used anymore, they took up the rails and turned it into a "road" sorta:

There were a couple places along the old train route where it was easier to tunnel through the hills than go around them. Some of these tunnels have completely collapsed and are impassable, but some of them are still in use. Here's tunnel #1:


We stopped for a break a little later in the day. This pic needs no explanation:

Quick sightseeing stop at Helen Hunt Falls:

Quick stop to see Starr Kempf's kinetic sculpture artwork:

Bristol Brewing:

Cog railway to the top of Pike's Peak:

My crappy pics from the top of Pike's Peak don't do it justice at all, but here's what I got:

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Nice to see these photos. I posted a video of the Z reveal, but there's evidently not much attention to it.

I have the brown/gold 280ZXT which was one row over from your car at the show. It was next to the red/black museum piece 280ZX. 


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