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Parts Wanted: Need a bell housing from an FS5W71B 5 speed


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Need a bell housing from an FS5W71B 5 speed

I am putting a 240sx transmission in my Z and would like a FS5W71B bell housing to do the swap.  Looks like a bell housing from pretty much any Datsun/Nissan 5 speed from 75-83 will be right.  Also, I would like one of these in the pic.  Not sure what you call it, but it does something with the shifting rods.



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That picture you show is from the tail housing, not the front case.  It's the "reverse check sleeve".

Four speed front cases/bells will work also.  You might have to drill a new hole for the reverse switch.  Easier to find a four speed case.


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So, two separate requests - for a bell housing to mod for the SX trans swap, and I need a replacement "reverse check sleeve" for a spare 280ZX trans I have.  I only included a pic of the reverse check sleeve.  I have a spare 4 speed bell housing, but I would prefer a 5 speed one so I don't have to drill a hole for the reverse switch in a thin area of the casting.  

Hmmm,  I guess I could add an aluminum boss to that area of the casting...

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