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Horn wires, how do they work at relay?

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Both of those are in the 74 260 fsm. Like on the next page.  Weird.  Also. I have a new relay and can’t get it to click.  I have a green red and what looks like 2 greens.  When I hook 3 wires to the relay the green red has power and so does the green on the left.  When I hit the horn button nothing happens.  When  I disconnect wires from the relay only the green red has power but the other two don’t. No power is at the wire on the horn button. Is it just a ground button??

how do I get it to work???



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50 minutes ago, Shawninvancouver said:

When  I disconnect wires from the relay only the green red has power but the other two don’t.

That would be correct.  Green/Red is the power supply from the fuse box.  Green/Black is the wire that gets grounded when you press the horn button.  Green is the wire that sends power to the horns.

If you're seeing power on two wires without pressing the horn button then either the relay is bad or the Green/Black wire is shorted to ground.

But, also, if you're seeing power on the Green wire but the horns aren't making noise that means that the horns either don't work or are not connected to the Green wire like they should be.

Connect only the Green and the Green/Red and see if you still have power to two wires.  You should only have power at Green/Red.  If you have power at Green that means the Green/Black is shorted somewhere o the way to the horn button or the horn button is stuck.

Green/black goes to the horn button in the schematic.  And, check the bottom of the relay.  It probably has marks, H, B, and S.  H is Green, B is Green/Red and S is horn button (probably stands for Signal?, maybe).


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