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260Z banging noise under armrest area

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arm rest console area - only happens when car is driving/ sometimes ok -  sometimes banging/knocking right behind/seat or under armrest,..

how in the world do i get a new strap in there?? i guess i need to crawl under and see what it is..

oh.. maybe thats why the car was in gear and would not go anywhere ...?:*^%#$% until i reved it a bit in neutral...


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23 minutes ago, Shawninvancouver said:

great photo

The strap is visible in the picture.  It looks like a strap.

The noise is caused by the nose of the differential lifting up and bumping the stuff in the transmission tunnel and/or the diff nose dropping down and banging off of the crossmember after it lifts up.

p.s. don't mess around under there unless you have some good jack stands supporting the car.  It's a lightweight car but still heavy enough to crush.

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15 hours ago, Shawninvancouver said:

what causes the banging?/ the strap flapping around? or a mount banging around?

can the strap be replaced without moving  diff and muffler ??? 

where is the strap? under the black rubber pad and mount? or to the rear of the car beside the mount??

great photo

The strap can be removed without dropping the diff, depending on what you replace it with you might need to drop the diff to install the parts. 

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If you lay down under the fuel tank and get a photo it will be easier to tell. It looks like the exhaust going under the diff mount…

+1 on the techoniversions diffmount, it’s great.
If the diff is bouncing around you might need a new lower diff mount too.

some people make new straps, that’s also been documented in other threads. 

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