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1974 260Z electric fuel pump questions

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Can anyone recommend a good cheap after market pump? can this can run on just the mechanical pump? if so do i need to eliminate the electric pump and fuel filter from the area near the tank? or can the mechanical pump pull gas through a non working electric pump?

i will  take it out and test it - just by hooking up to 12v battery..  if it works, are there relays in the passenger foot area and if so how many and what panel are they behind/ color.

does anyone have photos of the stock pump and filter they stuck back there, and relays/fuses???


how can you tell this pump is running as i think it only goes when car is running..


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The electric fuel pump helps, some cars more than others. Without it, my 260Z periodically just stops running so I have to use it. My replacement pump and filter came from Rock Auto. The two relays are under the dash on the far right side attached to a metal panel packed with other relays. You can use the wire colors to pick out which two they are. 

I was never able to get mine running with the relay setup so I bypassed them and ran power to the pump from a circuit that energized when the car is on. For safety, I installed a kill switch that activates if it senses a significant physical impact.

As for how to tell if the electric fuel pump is running, you can hear the whine from inside the cabin. If not, start the car and crawl under the right rear and put your hand on the pump. You should feel the pump vibrating or hear the pump.

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