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Cleaning fuel injectors in seafoam


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Getting ready to soak 2 of my fuel injectors that appear to be clogged.  I was planning on soaking them with seafoam. I just read a post that said never to soak them in any kind of cleaner because the coil I’ll get damaged. 


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You could bench clean them by running Seafoam through them or carb cleaner. I found fj707t were the cheapest new ones when I replaced mine. Fastwoman used some cheap green ones on ebay. FJ3s I think? The refurbished ones are cheaper too, they're all over the internet. I think you just need to make sure they have the top hose already attached, not those that have a coupled on hose from the Toyota supra they try and sale as Datsuns. Good luck with your sale once you get to that. Cliff

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Thanks siteunseen.

I noticed posts saying fj707t or fj707s and noticed the ones at O'Reilly's just say fj707.  What does the t and s mean?

The ones at O'Reilly's are $56.  Not sure if they are in stock.



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10 to 20 ohms should be fine.


You can go straight on to a 9V battery for short busts of a few seconds then let the injector cool. Just keep the switch and battery far enough away from the spay as a spark would be no fun.




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