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Tracking apps

Zed Head

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I just came across this thing about tracking apps.  Last year I went to a local store and was looking at crock pots.  When I got home and got on the internet there were crock pot ads.  Part of my brain, actually most of it, knew that my phone location must have shown that I was hanging out in that section of the store, and that information was then connected to my email account and when i was logged on the "internet" knew that this computer user had been in that store in that section.  But another part of my brain said "nah, that's too crazy".

This guy's Twitter story might help some of you realize that you're not paranoid.  People really are watching you.


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Also helps explain why some of us get weird ads pertaining to nothing we've ever looked at.  One of our fellow members has been looking at dirty ear wax products!  Please stop!  (Actually, the dirty ear wax ads have stopped.  Thank you).

"It starts showing ME different ads based on the people AROUND me."

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I had the same experience a few months ago.  A retired friend had just started to drive for Uber so out of curiosity, I went to the uber site to see what the deal was.  Within a few hours my phone had emails from Lift asking me to become a driver.  A part of me also thought nah, this is crazy.  How could they know!

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Yesterday i played an old cassette from 34 years old.. sounded like if i had recorded it the day before.. (studio equipment) and  i had my tv on the remote has a mic.. to ask for something.. it was switched on but nothing was on it.. half our later i went to youtube.. what you think.. suddenly i got the song from the old cassette on youtube!

It was lonely shepherd an instrumental recording..

So.. my guess.. the mic on the remote must have been switched on without me pushing the "speak now" switch button ??

Somebody is listening in... creepy!!!

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17 hours ago, Zed Head said:

Try some other songs and see what happens.

Exactly what i thought yesterday.. i check youtube (what it shows on start-up) and then start up the tv without going to youtube and listen a lot of ELO or so and look later on youtube..  in the coming weeks i test it and let yah know.

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