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Another Sanden Compressor Bracket Solution


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In the final stages of completing the rebuild of a motor for my 77 280z.  To go along with it, I wanted to upgrade the stock compressor to a Sanden 508 from Vintage Air.  The simplest solution appears to be the slotted brackets welded to a steel plate such as what Freez74 did.

I wanted the idler pulley for tension adjustment, so I sourced a alloy zx ac bracket and some 1/4" plate 6061 aluminum to fabricate a adaptor.  First was the alignment of the idler & compressor.  After a test fit of the compressor on the stock bracket, I had to move it back about 12mm so I cut the idler frame ears, removed the correct length, and welded it back together.  Also had to grind some material from the stock bracket for compressor clearance.

Next, I carefully measured the distance the stock bracket needed to move forward on the adapter plate to align with the damper pulley, about 9mm.  Drilled the M10 bolt holes for the adapter plate to mount on the block and the drilled the offset holes for the stock bracket to mount to my adapter.  Ran into a clearance issue with the lower right bolt for the stock adaptor too close to the oil pan, so I redrilled one hole up higher on both the adapter & the stock bracket to overcome this.

Loosely assembled my creation on the motor with a belt and all looks good.  Just need to do a few finishing touches, paint my adapter and the idler assembly block color, and replace the idler bearing with a new one.

I will also slot the holes a couple of mm where the stock bracket mounts to my adaptor to allow fine tuning of the belt alignment.

Bracket Adapt.jpgAC Bracket.jpg

AC Mockup.jpgAC View1.jpg

AC Front.jpgAC View2.jpg

AC View1.jpg

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