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Clutch pedal goes to the floor with no resistance, canmot engage 1st gear


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suddenly tje clutch pedal went all over to the floor, no resistance whatsoever and cannot engage first gear. Should i change the slave and master cylinder? Which brand should i purchase? Its really weird as it was working before . Also noticed that the brake booter reservoir is half empty.



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I would do a little more research before buying any parts. Is it just first gear or all gears will not engage? If it suddenly failed, you should be able to find a cause easily. To work one moment and then not work sounds mechanical. Hydraulic issues generally give warnings signs like spongy pedal or hard to engage 1st and reverse. It could be something other than the master or slave cylinder.

Are all the linkages in place. Is the slace cylinder still bolted in position and pushrod attached?

Do you still have fluid in the small clutch reservoir next the the brake booster? Hydraulic fluid leaking on the floor? Broken hose to the slave cylinder?

Can you have someone work the clutch pedal while you chack the slave cylinder is working? This could mean you have a problem inside the bellhousing. Something like a broken clutch fork. I also had a clutch disc fall apart and get lodged in the pressure plate. It was instant and I could not engage any gear.

The slave cylinder pushrod should move at least 20mm when you push the pedal tothe floor. Can you check if it does that?

You could buy the master and slave cylinders and find the problem is something else. 

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 Pull the rubber boots from the ends of the cylinders. If there's brake fluid inside the rubber boots, the cylinder is leaking. In the past I've found that if I only replaced the one leaking cylinder (slave or master), the other cylinder didn't last long and had to be replaced or repaired. Now I replace them both at the same time.

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  Beck-Arnley had a good reputation for quality in the past. I'm going to assume their quality is still good. I'd go for it, but I'd disassemble both cylinders and clean the bores. Be sure to tell us if you find any swarf in them. Have you changed the valve seals yet?

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 I looked at a few reviews on Eagle clutch cylinders. Some report failure in a short time. I believe we've heard about this problem across many brands usually caused by insufficient cleaning of the bore before assembly. If cost isn't part of the decision process, I'd go with the Beck-Arnley and I'd disassemble that one too.

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