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FS: Z parts and 16inch wheels


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Didn't really want to put this in the FOR SALE section as peole from outside AUS might inquire etc....

but heres what i have got

Hey since last nite when my car was stolen and now found burnt i've got a few parts off my Z id like to get rid off, these parts weren't on the car at the time though..

Perfect 240z Hatch, no rust, Perfect Glass, Perfect rubbers and crome outer $250ono

BRE Style Rear Wing, $150

240z Non vented RED hood, has slight bump at the front, easily fixed, $100

Z Tinted Headlightcovers, Perfect Condition, $100ono

Front Spoiler (like arch-z) currently on hold $150

16x7inch wheels, 4x114.3, They are in perfect condition, very hard to find offset to fit Zeds and in great condition, and have new crome nuts for them, Tyres are &^%#! thou, Will fit AE86, and other oldsckool RWD toyota's and Datsuns


I can get a picture of any of the above for you if you are interested,

email on [email protected] or

phone 0407835884

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i had 14inch wheels globes bathurst, that were also in fantastic condition, and very light weight,

The car is with the insurance company tonite, i'm not sure about the salvage rights, waiting for my dad to come home tonite, as the car is in his name, and insurnace and the police called him about it etc.....

all the parts here weren't on the car when it was stolen.. theres were parts that were going to go onto the car when i was going to paint it, or go to the seller as spares etc...

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heres a picture of the rims

the headlight covers are unofficially sold,

(waiting for cash and to send them etc.. )

I'll get you a picture of the hood in a few minutes, after i find my digi cam...

the car is in victoria, all the parts are in victoria melbourne etc..

all parts i can only sell pickup only, cept for the headlight covers which are already sold anyway...

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havn't seen the car yet, it was only stolen last nite, was found today in bacchuas marsh burnt to bits,

I'm hoping to see it, but i'm not sure, i think once i make the claim the insurance company owns it, but i'm not sure yet.. will see

I'll get ya those picks of the bonnet soon, dads got the camera with him

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If under the bonnet is OK, I'd be interested in your extractors and possibly even your motor. If the front spoiler is about I'd be interested in that too. Hopefully you'll actually make money by getting the salvage rights and then parting the whole thing out!

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TRS where are you and what are you interested in...

I've got pictures of everything that i havn't sold yet...

GEE give me a call tommorrow morning or even tonite i'll be up late. on 0407835884

actaully i might just give you a call once i finished doing these pictures....

I've found a few more things that ive got for sale

2inch Lower KING SPRINGS, new unwrapped, bought them for $200 give me a offer for them, they are unwrapped and never used, for a 260z 2 seater...

have misc. stuff manifolds, good bumper trims, few crome overriders, that if you want can take for free with any other purcharse, or buy seperately,

Have a hatch cover, that is like sun visor thing, is black is good condition, it works great for those hot summer days covering the rear hatch window from the sun, This part is a rare part so price is $50

I'm not sure if i want to sell my flowguage to tune the SU's, it helped me alot when i was tuning my car, works perfect, the plastic part is blured a bit due to me leaving it on the window sill, and the sun gettng to it, works perfectly still thou, will sell for around $80, i bought this tool for $140, around a year ago, and never seen them for sale since..


theres all the pictures








The pics are poor quality, i just took them then after i had dinner.

call me on 0407835884

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its ok mate, just realised you are on the other side of australia! hehe

I was interested in the BRE spoiler but dont think it would be economically feasible to ship it over here- ends up costing more than new!

anyhow, good luck with the sale.

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I'm interested in the front spoiler depends on if it's on hold and if that guy wants it. You know I want a Gnose but might be fun to have a front spoiler for time being. I wanna see Will's Z with his front bar installed to see what it looks like up close pictures are hard to judge.

That flow meter for the carbs is on my to get list so if you decide to sell let me know.

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Originally posted by Z Kid

Don't suppose you have a lonely rear strut tower cap you want to sell?

Ever wonder how these get broken? who is the idiot who takes them off and walks on them? Took me ages to locate a nice set of these.

But if you can tell me where I'd get a shiny chrome strut brace I'd think of parting mine out :classic: .

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gav the flow meter is for sale...

I relised i never want to buy anothe carburated car, and if i do, i'll convert to efi anyway...

so its up for sale, talk to me on MSN about it...

the front spoiler is sold...

headlight covers are unoficially sold...

all other parts are up for grabs... and gav you know you want the rear spoiler, if you buy the flow meter and rear spoiler i'll make a good deal with ya... hehe

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Yeah truth be told I want the rear one but I don't know if i have the heart to drill holes in my hatch :cry: I get touchy about those things you know that.

But yeah I'll speak to you on MSN we might be able to work something out. :classic:

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Thennnn.. i have the best solution for ya...

Buy my Hatch, so then you have 2 hatches one with the wing and one without, youd need to get the wing painted anyway...

then it will all be sorted.. haha.. i know you'd love to do that, but i know you don't have the cash either.. hehe

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