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Dunlop Direzza ZIII or Toyo Proxes R1R

z boy mn

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Hello everyone! I'm shopping for new tires this spring (my Z just turned 50) and I'm trying to decide between the three options available. The size is probably the limiting factor (225/45/R16) in choice.

I've read everything there is online and even contacted TireRack directly. They suggested that the Dunlop ZIIIs will wear faster (that's OK with me) yet overall be the better tire. I have Dunlop "ZR" tires on it now, and I've been happy with them, but thought I'd ask this group to see what you think. I do not drive the car on the track very often anymore, it's mostly a daily that I zip around with. The link to the options at TireRack is here:


In total, there's a Dunlop, Toyo, and Yokohama.

Thoughts or advice or experiences would be appreciated!

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That's a strong recommendation, @zKars, thanks. The local tire shop said they thought the RIRs were more "modern." They'd have to order the Dunlops as they don't regularly stick them. I like the look of the R1R tread more than the ZIII, but I'm trying to be somewhat rational about the choice. 😛 Or, if someone has has had a really bad experience with one or the other, etc.

@heyitsrama, one thing that TireRack said was that the ZIII wouldn't last as long but deliver a more consistent performance over the life of the tire. That's definitely appealing. Truthfully, it's a good year if my Z sees 3K miles, so (like a lot of things) it's age that will get them. The Dunlops I have now are  from 2000, and while they look just fine and have handled well, I have to imagine they've gotten harder (not that I"ve been able to test that).

I'm looking forward to the snow melting....


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