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240Z CAD drawing


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I made a CAD drawing of a Z (2d plan view) for you CAD drafters out there. It was drawn in a late version of the popular Auto Cad - .dwg format and I'll e-mail it to you. I know I can save it back to v14 and I might be able to save it back to v12. Let me know what you require. I design custom homes and I frequently design custom garages. I like to fill the garages with cars on my presentation drawings. This drawing is to scale, ready to drop in your plans.

I was going to post it on E-bay as one-of-a-kind, RARE, hand constructed import from Electronapan with a low starting reserve of $240 but I didn't think anyone would get the sarcasm.

The attached is a jpg export. Try it and let me know what you think!


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Yea, I'd love to get a 3D wireframe of an early Z. About the email, the REMOVEME stuff works better than just a plain email. It also prevents stupid questions from the people who can't figure out how to use email. :D Did I just say that out loud? ROFL

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I'm looking for (and I'll probably have to make it) a similar drawing of the Z31 and Z32. I could use an S130 too. But I don't have accurate dimensions. The FSMs have dimensioned drawings like my early manual? Can someone scan one for me and I'll make up a CAD file.

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