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3 10" subwoofers.... any design ideas??


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Well, finally I got my 280Z and I started moving all my stuff from my Sentra to the Z.

However , I have a cuustom box made from MTX with 3 10inch subwoofers which I have been trying to squeeze in.

SImply, not possible....

so does anyone have any good pics about their trunk/hatch setup for subwoofer or speaker setups?

I have seen a few nice setups from 240SX's... 300ZX's.... even Supra's.... but I just need a nice idea for a box I will end up building which will look good in the 280Z :)

SO... anyone with pics, ideas, or drawings....

please post em here :)

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Does someone also have any ideas or pictures on placement of single or double subwoofers(behind seats, on the deck, etc.) that keeps maximum space on the deck? Not trying to steal the thread, but the added info would help. Thanks, Victor.

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Originally posted by PrOxLaMuS©

However , I have a cuustom box made from MTX with 3 10inch subwoofers which I have been trying to squeeze in.

I've seen quite a few picts from the MSA show. Take a look in our gallery and you should find something. I seem to remember someone using the spare tire well and another person making a box that fit under his rear strut brace (between the struts). Amps were facing toward the rear and speakers were facing front toward the driver.


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Yeah, it seems like it would be pretty hard to hide the 12 inchers. I'm thinking more like 8 inchers max. Think I'll look through the gallery as advised and see if someone had a brainstorm that worked. Victor.

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Well here's what I am trying to put in....

may have to ditch the box.. obviously....

but anyone think they will fit? Its those damn hydrolic rear hatch things that move it up and down which get that in the way....

Me and my dad are going to try to build a box this weekend... just to squeeze em in.

and what do you know.. mines a Sentra too :)



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  • 5 months later...

You can do many things in the Z hatch area....

go get a spacer saver spare tire and have a custom box built to partially insert into the spare well.. have it stick up above the floorabout a good 4 inches and you should have enough clearance for a floor mounted sub...

just be sure to add mesh screen to avoid tearing it up while being able to set things on and around it....

build a false floor around it....just be sure to keep the sub enclosure smaller than the surrounding floor so you can pull the box out should you need to use the spare....

the end result should look good....with the false floor having your choice of

carpet or vinyl....I once saw a unit like this hinged to give acces to the spare well....

OR.....cut the driver side rear plastic panel and create a single 10 inch sub enclosure that mounts info the cavity between the rear qtr and the hatch....

just be sure to upholster the enclusore as close as possible to the look of the side panel.....

this should tuck the single sub away and give you plenty of room for a suitcase(s), groceries AND some bass to boot.

Just be sure to make some mounting brackets so the enclosure doesn't fall in and dent the qtr panel from the inside out....

Keep the enclosure small as a large one WILL blow your struts out and give you handling problems....

ask me how I know...

I have a single 12 inch redline OD series sub with a design reference 300 watt amp monoed into it....

I have custom made speaker pods under the wing window atop the wheel well hump located in front of the nook of the rear shock tower

I am still formulating or deciding on whether to make speaker pods for the

kick panels....or the doors....I am leaning towards custom door panels.

sorry no pics at this time....digi cam went to heaven

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i made my own box to fit right behind the seat. I made it to take as lilttle space as posible. I plan to run 2 8" diamond audio CM3 subs. These subs are really good. These subs can be use wit really small enclosures. My boxes are built wit an inner volume of i tink a little more than .27cubic inches of air volume after displacing the subwoofer. They sit snug right behind the seats. Still allowing u space to recline the seats and slide it bak some.

Just wanted to share my setup.

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wow what I way to resurrect the dead post ... LOL..

I should posted this picture when I posted this thread, but here is how I have it now... for some reason I just dont want to go through the effort to build a nice box, when it's just for looks.. my box sounds awsome...


and don't worry I can still see out of the window :)


Now I swiched sides.. so the subs are facing outside the back window for better sound clarity and I can feel more boom boom that I can hear. I put an orange blanket across the subs to prevent theft or detection of subs.

Btw.. I hit 138.2 decibals with my setup :)

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Nice work!! must absolutely hammer!!

Here's my lil setup.. nothing huge.. but i'm quite proud of it!

the box is wood with custom fibreglass bits on the ends which raise the speakers up.. under the middle panel (it lifts up) are two coustic amps and all the wiring goes through the storage box and out a hole behind the seat. so its all hidden.

There's a strut brace in now which holds that bass tube in place with a couple thick camping straps.. it sounds quite nice for a 3 speaker setup but i'm looking at the possiblity of some custom door pods for that bit more 'surround' effect!


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If you know anyone thats good with making molds for fiberglass, this is something you could do.

Get two molds, one of each side of the rear panels. Then build those panels out some away from the rear quarters, angle them at about 30 degrees toward the front of the car.

Cut your hole out, brown bread or however you want to do it for sound proofing. Put the third inside the spare tire well.

You end up with a very clean looking install and plenty of room.

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i am really good with fiberglass.....

just usually to lazy to do it.. plus it's too cold in my garage here in Colorado now...

but ZmeFly.... I am confused about what you mean about the rear panels... draw a picture in MS Paint! LOL

aRCH-Z I LOVE your setup, I have looked at your Profile soo many times, I want a better look! Is there any more pictures that you have of your setup from a different angle? I wanna see!


Ah damnit! I just looked at your personal gallery again!

I am soo jealous of you :( You have my ideal dream car :love:

RB engine.... sweet interior...

Unbelievable interior... I love the steering wheel and the shift knob. Truthfully after I first saw a picture of your interior I searched and searched for that exact steering wheel, it looks so damn good.

I love your car.. I love it :(....

It's so sexy.. :(

I am going to cry now in pure envy

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haha cheers man, she's not THAT good, but she's on her way ;)

What angles would you like to see it from? I might take some new ones photos!

I actually designed the setup in photoshop and gave that to the audio install guy as I'm not that good with fibreglass myself!

I also just scored two 12" soundstream subs.. so erm.. sorta deciding if i should put them in the Z or not..

hehehe, might just check them in there for a bit.. my old Z actually had a single 15" JBL subby :cross-eye

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