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"chattering on corners"


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I've got a 260Z 2+2 with original rubber bushings & stock shocks. The shocks are still in reasonable shape - you don't get any bounce if you push down on the fenders. I use the car as a nice (very nice) daily driver. I know it all needs replaced - but was curious. When I go around a corner & there's a rough spot on the road, the rear end slips out- bouncing on the rough spots. Even when I'm going straight, if I hit some washboard road, the rear slips a bit sideways. What's the main cause of that? Any ideas? Thanks!

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It could be a combination of a few things... tire choice, weak strut cartridges, soft springs, bad bushings....

The bounce test is good for checking the compression of the strut, not the rebound... it is not a fail-safe test as your struts may seem OK, but are still weakened by normal wear and tear.

I'd start out by replacing the strut cartridges, then the strut bushings. Take it one step at a time and you'll find the problem.

I would suggest that if you are going to replace the strut cartridges, you might as well go all the way and do the bushings while it apart, save you time and aggravation later.

If the problem still exists after you change the strut cartridges and bushings, it could be your tire choice, or maybe even the need for a different sway bar on the rear (if you have one now that is).

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Bounce test: pushing down hard and letting up suddenly on one corner of the car to see if the shock will keep the car from bouncing(rebounding) more than once. If the car reacts like a car with two hot teenagers on lovers lane, then you could have bad shocks. However, I never had a whole lot of confidence in this test. Wouldn't depend on it. Victor.

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Thanks Tanny, 2ManyZ's,

I suspected the struts. Will start with them first + rear bushings. No sway bar, but I've had other z's that didn't do this & they didn't have the sway bar either.


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