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The Boss Key?


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BE Careful using it. I tried to use it at work, and I could not close the spreadsheet window. I could open other windows over it, but the window was larger than the screen and the "X" in upper right corner was not visable and window could not be resized. I had to shut down my system to get rid of the damn thing.

Good thing the "Boss" wasn't there or I'd have been screwed!

For me, it's not worth the bother.

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Originally posted by Alfadog

LOL, seems pretty silly... just open Excel and pop that window up if you need to...

That's what I do anyway.

By the time the "Boss" window opens your screwed anyway.

Originally posted by Alfadog

Another waste of space???


Originally posted by Alfadog

Anyone really like this feature?


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I thing it's the dumbest thing i've ever seen on any website anywhere. It pops up an explorer window that switches to full screen mode (press F11 to make it go back into a window).The window can only be killed with task manager.

Try explaining to your boss why some blank spreadsheet wont go away. He just gonna take one look at an empty spreadsheet and say "Hmm haven't done much work today have we"

I remember Old games uses to have boss keys (alt B) which paused the game and displyed some business type speradsheet, but at least they worked and went away when you wanted them to.

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I guess it doesn't work right for everybody. Because I don't have any problems with it. I do have to admit that it can be deceptive for people who don't know how to use computers.

Yea, the idea came from the old video games where you could select a button and it would pop up a spreadsheet or similar business application. This way, if the "boss" walks by... (could be at work or at home) it looks like you're doing something productive.

Must be one of those nerd things I always get hounded about from my family. :cheeky:


PS: No need for the huge warnings because it doesn't do anything to your computer (listening Carl?). All of the code is local and it doesn't hurt a thing. We have already sold a few CD's just from the little gimmick anyway. :D

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Originally posted by Mike

PS: No need for the huge warnings because it doesn't do anything to your computer (listening Carl?).

I do know how to use a computer, but I do not know every single detail or option thing available on them. If the spreadsheet didn't go to full screen automatically, I could have closed it simply.

I understand that "it doesn't do anything to your computer", however it do do something to ME. It cost me 20 minutes of unproductive time at work while I tried to get rid of the damn thing (didn't know about the F11 keytrick mentioned by Mr. Camo) and finally had to shut down and reboot the "antique" system (Pentium I - 66Mhz :() that I am stuck using at my workplace. Very Annoying.

Why would somebody buy a Parts Fische CD based on a "Boss Key", I don't get it? Thats like buying a car based on the color of the building it's parked in front of. :stupid:

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There was a little 'blurb' on the 2nd window it opened. We sold a few just from that. So, that paid for a month worth of hosting fees. Not a bad trade, eh? Crash Carl's computer and get a month worth of hosting? Sounds too good to be true. :D

(just playin with ya)

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