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1971 240Z For Sale

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This vehicle was mechanically in great shape until an unaware texting driver smashed into the rear-passenger corner. 46K original miles, and matching numbers. not-stock 5-Speed (rebuilt), front and rear anti-sway, double weber carbs, very little rust.  Extras, also available: Custom racing cam (never used), Dellorto 6-pack (rebuilt, but a few small missing parts), nice quality 240Z car-cover (used but good condition), extra wiring harness (used, but good condition), extra windshield (very good condition), and a 1978 280Z hood with louvers (very good condition). Please only sincere/interested buyers. I can provide photos. I'm told that the body can be repaired with a big frame-puller, or this vehicle can provide good hard-to-find parts.


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I don't think the crunched RR quarter can be pulled. It's too distorted, all the way up to and including the passenger's door opening.

What I would do is buy a good quarter from a shell. A skilled body man can cut the crunched quarter off and weld on a good quarter for less than it would cost to attempt to repair the crunched quarter, and the result would be better.

These days, with early Z cars appreciating so much, it's worth selling major portions of Z cars, and that's what's happening. I have seen a guy selling rear quarters off an early Z car on CL, and people offering shells that would have been crushed instead back years ago. Keep at it, keep asking around, list your wants on this site and you will find one.   

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