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vac. and carb blues


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Help, I just picked up a 1973 (late 72) I have had A 240z before but this one has A ton of go fast stuff on her. Thats where it starts the motor has A big time cam with 3 into 2 headers and the old school wire cage air cleaners.

Now with the headache I got the car for the most part nonrunning ( started but wouldnt stay running) with the aircleaner box and fact ex mana gone. There are caps on the vac holes on the intake. The carbs where set rich big time so I went and tried to put the carbs at the fact settings. It runs fine but when you bring up the rpms fast it back pops through the carbs.

I have pulled the valve cover and made sure the valves are set proper they are. By the way the guts of this baby are like new.

The body on this car is 100% rust free. I am stripping the fact paint and pulling lights and trim. So its not a car I have on the road yet and I want it rite. So if you know what your talking about please help.

Thank You


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