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Electrical hack job, no brake lights.


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The electrical harness on my Z is in wretched shape.  P.O. cut through and spliced too much to name. 

I have no brake lights. And yes I have read an excellent no brake lights thread. 

I have one working turn signal (left), no hazards. I just reattached the hazard switch connector which is what brought the one turn signal online. 

Im thinking it’s the multifunction switch. But it’s hard to say there is so much electrical terror in my car.   Maybe it’s the brake pedal switch.  The most likely culprit is abuse by a PO.

Any tips or advice?


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 What an amazing ball of worms. Looking on the bright side:cool:, if all the fuses are good, at least there are no short circuits to worry about. A replacement harness might be the best way to return everything to original.  You'll also need a multi meter and a good wiring diagram. Don't let the magnitude of the project overwhelm you. Take it one circuit at a time, then move on to the next. Tips; Always check and start at the power source and follow it. A length of wire with alligator clips is useful for grounding and completing circuits. Poor grounds are a frequent gremlin. What year is your Z? Better yet the VIN #. Maybe a member has the harness(s) that would make the job easier and possibly give you a starting point.

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Don't assume that all of the hacks are from the PO.  Nissan's splices from back then look like hacks.  Crimped splices covered with just black tape.

Read the FSM sections to learn how the circuits work.  The combination switch is not involved with the brake lights, for example.

Post the year of your car in future posts.  Looks like 71, I'm guessing.  The hazard switch is often a source of lighting problems too.



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On 11/20/2017 at 12:32 PM, cbuczesk said:

Wow! That's a mess. I'd start by replacing the harness(es). Or at least pull them out, go through them and re-tape them.



I agree. This will give you a chance to sort out that spaghetti bowl and get rid of the things that were added (UNECESSARILY) in many cases. Also get rid of any main harness splices. Solder connect them back the way they should be. These 48 year old wires were never designed to be spliced into. SWEATY BETTY just recently finished his build and installed a brand new harness. Maybe an idea for your car. Either way you really need to pull the dash and harness out of the engine bay and methodically rework and recover the entire harness. Its really the only way to be sure.

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