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I have a 1970 240z that I am restoring and improving. I want to improve handling before working on engine. I have purchased so far Eibach lowering springs, rear strut bar and front and rear sway bars. I am now shopping around for performance shocks. I have been looking at Tokico, KYB, Koni etc. I am probably going to stay away from adjustables becuase of the expense. Can anyone give me their opinion or their feed back of what they have found to be the best for this combination. Car is for fun, not daily driver.


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Hi Mark,.I like the kyb.I ha dthe same thoughts as you.I wanted a fun driver.My thoughts about the adjustable shock were like anything else with adjustments ,you find one position you like and never touch it again.Urethane bushings all around.The quickest and cheapest positive result will be to replace the steering coupler with a ABSor urethane .Thats the doughnut in your steering link just below the brake master cyl.Next best thing for me was stainless brake lines.I highly advise take off the valve cover and check /replace the oil tube that runs along the cam.On 2400 engines there are two little square boxes with gaskets on the oil tube.They split causing uneven lube on the top end.This was the slow death of many 2400 engines.Its cheap and easy to do NOW.Oh yeah,I was told once do what ever you want to a 240 under a shade tree ,but don't even think of replacing your own struts.To that advise I fully subcribe. Daniel

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My buddy and I had put in new shocks and springs at the same time. I opted in for the Tokico, (non-adjust) and he put in the KYBS. When it came time to replace them, which we did at the same time, 3/4 of my shocks were still working. 1 had lost its rebound completely, while my friends shocks were in worse condition. 2 of his shocks were moreless totally dead and the other 2 were compressible with little force.

The KYBs in my mind don't last as long.

I would consider the adjustables because:

If your shocks ever feel a bit weak after a year or so, you can turn it up a notch and you have moreless a new set of shocks. If you consider all the labor involved with changing a standard set of shocks, the difference in price is justified. Yes. the adjustables are twice as much, but figure you will get alot more wear out of them. Also, if you ever go on the track or autocrossing, adjustable shocks on a high setting are mandatory.

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