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Camshaft NA to turbo swamp


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Hi all, 

Im currently reconditioning my L28e N42 in my 1976 280Z and have a bit of a problem. I took my head in to get re-conditioned, and i left my original camshaft with cam towers and chain sprocket in the boot of my daily driver, Rover P5b Coupe, which has since been stolen last week!!!

So basically Im in need of a new camshaft but means i still need the towers/sprocket/bolts too. There is a Turbo Camshaft with towers on eBay which supplies all my needs, Im wondering if that will be a straight swap????. Ive had a look through forums and understand there is a difference between NA and Turbo camshafts however im wondering will the turbo one still work with none/minor tinkering??

Im trying not to over spend by getting a worked cam and then paying through the nose for the towers and sprocket which are very hard to source, especially that I live in the UK.

Any advice would be great, or if you have a spare cam/towers/sprocket that works even better ;)



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Is there a letter stamped in to the back?  Nissan ID'ed the cam profiles with a letter.  Turbo profiles are generally different from NA, but the early turbo engines were pretty primitive.  Nissan may not have used a unique cam profile.

If you have the link to the eBay page we can inspect the pictures.  It would be a straight swap, and would work even if the profile is different.

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Thank guys, sorry have been away on work. 

Check out the link below, it has everything Im missing.. Wondering if this would be a straight swap....

What do you guys think?

Many thanks



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atlanticz's site (where's formerly Blue been anyway?...) has cam specs listed.  That eBay cam might be an M.  Or a W.  Doesn't like Nissan really spec'ed a top or bottom when stamping them.  Mine's an F.  But, either way, the specs are not radically different.  Probably the way they are mainly for emissions.  

It will certainly work, but you might be leaving a few horsepower behind.  Might not even notice.




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