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Proposing a meeting, Northwest Z's...


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So I was recently in Bend, where I discovered the Bend Area Datsun Association. Also know as B.A.D arse. Gotta admit, great name for the association. Met up with '73orv, he has a very nice '73 that just did great in the pro-solo comp.

ANYWAY, it made me think that we in the pacific northwest need to get together more often that we do...

These guys meet the fourth Thursday of every month and have quite the group.

This made me salivate for a meeting of the Z minds here locally, it was very cool to see all the z's and datsuns in geneeral lined up with the public wandering around like they were in a Z twilight zone.

I'm not suggesting that we meet every Thursday or whatever but can someone nominate a place that we can all meet up? Like Blue Lake or even a centrally located Izzy's or whatever....

I'm just looking for ideas....Anyone have any suggestions? I think that it would be great to meet the faces associated with the screen names that we all know and love here in the pacific northwest...

If something is allready set up let me know, I'm now trying to re-invent the wheel here, I just want to see a shi*load of Z's in one spot!!!!!!

And somehow Portland Area Datsun Association and P.A.D. arse. Just does not work!LOL

Ok, northwesterners, let's get this going!!!!!


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Originally posted by justaZcarguy

This made me salivate for a meeting of the Z minds here locally, it was very cool to see all the z's and datsuns in geneeral lined up with the public wandering around like they were in a Z twilight zone.

A big meet from any car club is a great sight to see. Here in Sydney we have regular meets with the Skyline club. On occasion we get 40-50 cars and that turns more than a few heads. We literally take over the roads and the best thing is in a group that big you are either well behaved or you will not be invited again.

To keep all the cars together we use two way radios and this also keeps us pretty entertained during the cruise. Invaluable tool that, a great investment.

Generally though we have a meet up every Friday and/or Saturday night and here you will find the hard core cruisers who stay in touch even throughout the week. I've made many a friends through these cruises so guys, get out there and meet each other if you can.


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Whenever our car club meets we create a moving road block, a combination of 20's and 30's cars is just not good for the main roads. Boy do you get some annoyed motorists :). Then you have the guys in their sportscars stuck behind it all there nothing worse than sitting in a passenger seat of an E Type and not being able to get out of second gear. And out of 50 odd cars, there is only ever one Z.

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I did a quick search on zhome for Portland and came up with a couple of dozen Z owners. These guys can be contacted by email to see if they are interested. Some are sure to be here. Sure that there are many others in the outlying communities. I think this is a good idea. Not too formal. A meeting a month (Sat or Sun p.m.?), if that, and a drive or two during the summer. I think EScanlon and Beandip had a chat room set up-something to consider.

It is impressive to see a large group of like cars. There was a group of gull wing Mercs in Stevenson last year, that was cool. I think that they gathered at the Skamania Lodge. There was also a very large group of PT Cruisers:sick: in Cascade Locks last summer. PT's are as common as Camrys. A group of Z's would be much more impressive than a bunch of PT's.:love:

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Yea, no presidents or anything like that, just a bunch of guys and gals, families, whatever that share a common virus (AcuteaZaphobia) that can congregate to exchage ideas, help and show off their "in works" or completed projects, have a few beers and get away from the everyday stresses that we have no choice but to expose ourselves to...

Plus it would be great to see everyone wondering what is wrong with all of us!!ROFL

The two way radios is a great idea and it was mentioned that behavior is a plus, out here we have a huge McMenamins (the Grand lodge) with a huge parking area, a while back I saw about 75 mini-ccopers and it was impressive....

Would have been better as Z cars tho.

It doesn't have to be in my back yard, I'll drive wherever, hell, that's half the fun of owning a Z - driving!!

Thanks for the input, I would love to see this happen, like I said, nothing to "offical" just a bunch of Z nutz in a common area with a common goal....


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I'm not too familiar with Oregon, but in Washington we have a fair number of Z clubs, I know of ones in Olympia and Tacoma at least, and I'm sure Seattle has its fare share. A lot of them are organized through or have some contact with the Zcar Club of Washington (http://zccw.org). Their activities section has quite a lot planned for the next few months. You may want to consider checking them out, if you haven't already.

It is a great idea, though. The PNW seems to me to be one of the biggest Z areas in the world; there always seem to be old 240s and 260s around when you're in Oregon and Washington. In comparison, I'm pretty sure I'm the only guy with one out in the Midwest. Just yesterday someone mistook my car for a ferrari daytona!!!! What can you do. :(

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I'm in the PAC NW. I'm just South of Salem, so, a Portland meeting is fine with me. If we did a Portland meeting, maybe some of the people in Washington could attend? It would be fun to do this a few times a year.

I've noticed that there are quite a few Z-car people here in the NW, but, things just aren't that organized. Every year there is a small get-together up near the Columbia river, but, that is usually swamped with Roadster owners.

You guys want to get something going? We can use this site to attract attention to it. I've always thought it would be fun to set up a huge Zcar event like the MSA show, but, I don't have the resources like they do.

I think it has to start as small get-togethers and then blow up from there.

-- M

PS: I also asked people about a NW Zcar Drive (tour) a few years ago and had quite a response.

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I like the Avatar, I can't figure out weather it scares me or makes me wish I was a hot dog....ROFL

ANYWAY, I'm all for whatever works for the masses!

This site has benefitted sooooo many people, lets use it for this also.....

Mike you are the guru, suggestions?

Thanks Sir,


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