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I may have found a Z but have an IMPORTANT question...


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I know that the basics of this have been answered and I have that information. My question is more specific.

I am going to physically inspect a 240Z that I may buy and need some information on what to look for. Now I'm not talking rust and the other basics. This car has no engine, and has not been on the road in many years so I need to know what additional items I should inspect carefully that you may not on a driver.

Then if I do get it what should I expect to have to do to make it drivable and safe for the road (other than put an engine in it of course :stupid: )? The seller has already told me that the tires are not in good shape, the hatch rubber should be replaced (and I assume that the door rubber should be too while I'm at it), the seal around the windshield is dry-rotting so it needs replaced too.

In short, what items do I need to pay special attention to when looking at a Z that has not been on the road in many years and what should I expect to have to do to make it road worthy?

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Most likely everything on the car will need to be replaced since it has been sitting for a while...shocks, springs, tie rod ends, ball joints, all rubber around doors, all bushings, will need new tranny and rear end mounts, the list is endless...trust me.

then after looking... the first thing I do is get the vin # and plate # and call the dmv (before you buy!!!) and ask if there are any back fees due or any penalties. this is very important since there may be 100's of dollars in fees due to the dmv. dont trust :finger: the dude ...he may say its been on non op status but I would check

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You must remember the car is 30 years old and anything that is made of rubber that has not been replaced within the last 5 years will probably need to be replaced and I mean EVERYTHING. The gas tank is another place you should pay attention to. I don't know of any tricks to see if it's full of rust or what. Check out the brakes too.

If the body looks like it's in good shape and not all banged up. And the interior is all there then go for it. It's hard to find a Z that doesn't require some work. But most importatant is you've got to have a solid body to start with.

While you do the engine, work on the suspension, tires and brakes. The interior and paint can wait. First make the car safe to drive then work on her looks.

Most important of all is have fun!

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Besides what Ed mentioned, be on the lookout for seized brakes, seized U-joints and rotted suspension bushings.

See what the fluid looks like in the master cylinders and check the rubber hose on the slave cylinder.

Bounce the corners of the car to see if the strut cartridges are seized as well.

Might not be a bad idea to look for snakes in Texas as well.....:cross-eye :hurt: :paranoid:

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Yes, mperdue, I do want to be able to drive it sooner than later. Holly cow! I didn't think that there'd be THAT much to do; I mean I knew that there'd be a lot to work on but from what I've read here I would almost have to strip it down to a bare chasis and start to build the car back up. And I thought that one of the worst things was that I'd have to convert it from and auto to 5-speed. :( Some day when I have the space to do this kind of thing I may consider it but for now I will have to pass on that project. This is a bummer as the car is supposed to be nearly rust free and is cheap!

Damn, looks like the search continues... :cry:

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it all depends what the definition of cheap is, how much is it?

Some pics would help. How deep are your pockets? Do you have a garage and tools, and how much time you have.

I hate to tell you not to buy it because it may need to be saved or end up wasting away or smashed in a wrecking yard. I bought my 73 for my daily driver for 400 bucks and it was a basket case. Had it running and driving in about 3 weeks, but the work on it continues 5 months later...mainly because I divide my time between my 72 v8 z and my friends 71. Once you start on z's it never ends...ever!

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Cheap is $400 for the car, blown engine (not in car, has thrown rod), engine has E88 head, auto tranny (in car), no carpet or plastic trim inside (all removed), seats, two sets of SU's (one round top, one flat top), front and rear bumpers (not attached), rear window louvers (not on car), no title (nor is the seller the titled owner), all glass is perfect, dash is cracked, has all gauges (working condition is unknown), seems to have all emblems, needs paint but body apears to be straight. I have only seen pix so far. I have pix at home that I can post tonight.

Yes, I do have a garage but would prefer not to fill it with 1000s of car parts for months or years while building a car from the gound up. I do have some tools but not everything that I would need.

Pockets are not deep, I have a hard spending limit of $2000. For this I need to have a running car in my driveway that I can enjoy and autocross on weekends.

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