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Sport Mirror base Gaskets


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I have the original Datsun optional sport mirrors on my 1972 Z they seem to be the same as the "Black Pearl Mirrors" not sure about that. I contacted a vendor about making replacement gaskets for them (between the base and the door). He stated that he has not had anyone ask about them so he does not want to invest in reproducing them, which is understandable. Is there anyone else besides me that would be interested in these parts if they were reproduced? Obviously there has to be a number of initial orders to justify the reproduction of these parts. 

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Got a set of original Datsun competition/race mirrors for my '73 240Z comp resto. They didn't come with the mounting gaskets which no longer seem to be available. Searched around on the net for some but no luck, seems there were some on EBay a year ago. I think the mirrors were also used on the 280Z Black Pearl and Zap models, as well as being an option for the 240Z and 260Z.

Not to worry, drew some up in Solidworks and then 3D printed them in PLA. They fit a treat and look original. Nice little result for a few hours work. Happy to make some more for anyone that needs them, just drop me a message.


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