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240Z in Malaysia


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Thanks for the kind comments about the car. However, it really IS the dark choccy brown that people associate with S***! If you saw it in the shade, or out of clear sunlight ( evening is best ) then you can see it in its 'true' shade. It seems to get lighter in sunlight. It's not everybody's cup of tea.

Its absolute hell to keep looking clean too. Its shows up absolutely everything, and there are lots of little scratches, stone chips and more serious marks almost everywhere - but particularly at the front. There must be something about the shape of the G-Nose that funnels flying stones up and onto the bonnet ( hood ) more than the short-nose car. I've never suffered so much stone damage as I have with this car............

Alan T.

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Come on, fess up about the stone chips Alan, I just saw the nice action shots, you sure it wasn't a close encounter with a gravel trap at the track ROFL . Either that or stones recognise a more expensive car and aim for it, I know kangaroos choose to run into more expensive cars, must feel softer or stomething.

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I have 260 and I would love a set of Watanabe's on it. I really like the watanabe's in black, but I have seen them in silver and it looks pretty good. If you want I could send you the pictures of them that I have. Maybe you could send me a pic of your wheels. Just PM me about it. Take care.


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Greetings from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Checking if there are any 240Z enthusiast in my part of the world.

I have a red 240Z with a triple weber setup, stage 2 Cams and a ported and polished head done by Spike from Samuri conversions, UK. Janspeed exhaust and wolfrace wheels.

Hoping to hear from any 240Z owners out in this part of the world.

Hi...I have some z parts for sale.... contact me pls.

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Hi Dazza

Well there is only a handful of 240Z's in KL. Most of which are kept under covers. As such there is not really a "local" 240z scene. Most of these owners have poured good money into their 240z's. They are not daily runners with the exception of one or two I know.

Tried to get my 240z into the classic and vintage car club in Malaysia but was put off by their anti-japanese snobery. You know unless you have a Jag or an MG its not a classic car ... a very sad and narrow minded lot.

Never mind to each his own.


They had or still have that mentality here to...

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