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240Z in Malaysia


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Hi Trex it's good to have another member onboard with a good knowledge of the Datsun range.

Those japanese export model S30 Z's would be worth a pretty penny too bad there's not more of them over there. But I guess it's a good thing for those who are lucky enough to own one.

I would love to see pictures of a 1600 SSS there such a cool car in Australia you get so many but it's very hard to find an unmodified one. Most of them have the L20 dropped in at least.

I know a friend has one and lives nearby he had flared wheel arches and used to have an L20 turbo nestled under the bonnet.

It's since had the motor taken out for a rebuild and the car is now sitting in the garage. If I had the money i'd wanna buy it off him.

For now my 240z will do just fine.

I know what you mean about that British car snobbery but you have to understand they only view the Z as a cheap sports car. As it was a very affordable car back then and the fact that it used to spank such cars as Porsche's and Jaguars around the race course would probably upset them ROFL . I mean the E-type had a huge v12 and was great in a straight line but take a corner and well the Z would just make it eat dust.

Oh well some people are just stubborn.

Once again welcome.

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Gooday to you all down under.

Looks like it would be more beneficial to hook up with the Aussie crowd with regards to the 240Z and 1600SSS as it looks like you guys are more active in the forum.

I was lucky to spend my University days in Adelaide SA and had a 1600 as well as a 240Z when I was a student there although my very first car was a Honda 1300 S coupe. You know the one with 4 Keihin carbs and dry sump. Amazing specs for a 1300 it was fast.

It is a shame that little is known outside Australia about the capabilities of the Oz tuners and specialists. I brought back a rear anti roll bar for the SSS and I can safely say its the only SSS here in Malaysia that has one.

The 1600 has become a cult car in Australia. Having been all over the www in search of other enthusiast I have concluded that Australia has the largest and most enthusiastic following.

Dad doesnt drive much now and the SSS now sits proudly with other exoticas in the garage that we have collected over the years. An interesting car which my dad collected is a 1968 Toyota S800. Its a 800cc air cooled two cylinder twin carb boxer engine. I saw an entry from Japan of this car in the Targa Tasmania this year.

Will be going to my parents place in a weeks time and I will get the pics loaded.

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Hi everyone

This is my first time in this forum.

My hubby has a 240z. Sometime back he mentioned these watanabe rims and my daughther calls them "black banana". Well, i wanted to surprise him with it and they are pretty difficult to find. It's like a treasure hunt challenge for me. To cut the story short, I finally found them and had a good time refurbishing them but i have one question, what is the BEST colour for it? Actually two questions, is it something that 240Z owners would like on their car.

Please help.


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In answer to your questions...

1. 240Z owners generally love and value watanabe rims - especially owners who appreciate historic cars.

2. Black seems to be the main colour but I'm happy to be proven wrong!

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Trex, please post those pictures of you and your father's cars in the gallery ASAP!! I'm sure I'm not the only one here gets excited by the mention of an S800, let alone 1600 SSS and 240Z!!!

Yes, the 1600 here in Australia has a huge following. Too bad most seem to think of them as just a "cool looking old datto" to put a modern engine in to make them really fly... I'm more interested in the history of them but meh, whatever rocks your boat!

Fairlady, like halz said black is a common colour, however also is charcoal, which is a grey which isn't so glossy. Alan Thomas has some black ones on his car (see his gallery for pics) - I think these would be the most desirable :)

Geez, I wish someone would buy me some "black bananas"...

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Alfadog, will sort the pics out soon. Currently work gets in the way of play.

Welcome, Fairlady. Finally found a 240Z fan in KL. Email me your reg number via PM. Maybe I have seen your Z. We can meet up and have a drink and talk about Z's .. with your hubby of course. Wish my old lady would get me some .... I think secertly she is plotting to sell my Z.

Watanabes to classic Z owners are like wasabi to the japanese. A must Have item as well as being hot items.

Where can I get them ? Maybe a group buy for the club if anyone is interested. The last time I saw a set on this forum was for USD700 plus. Ouch !! imaging converting that to our local currency.

Watanabes anyone ?

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I love Wantanabe wheels there awesome looking. I think the color really depends on the car's color. Alan's car member HS30-H has got them in black but I feel it suits his cars burgundy color. I'm not a big fan of the black wheels myself I like the chrome shiny look.

I'll try and attach a few pictures.


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Originally posted by Gav240z

Alan's car member HS30-H has got them in black but I feel it suits his cars burgundy color.

Must be how dark they look in pictures that makes people think that mine are black. They are actually metallic Gunmetal Grey ( the colour is called Anthracite Grey ) and they are the same colour as the Bumpers and Overfenders on my ZG.

BURGUNDY????!!!!!!! Must be another problem with picture colour, as the colour of my ZG is original factory Grand Prix Maroon - which is not really Maroon at all, and is best described as a pure brown, as its not got much red in the colour. Gets a lot of choice comments ( "s*** brown" etc ) but its the correct Factory colour, so I think I can live with the funny looks and amusing asides.

The original Factory Sports Option 8-spoke wheels came in a satin black finish and that's how they were used on the Factory race cars. It was this look that really started the ball rolling for the Japanese street look of dark wheels - but they are a devil to keep clean if they are not lacquered. That's pretty much why you will see a lot of dark metallic grey wheels with lacquer on them in Japan.

My tip for a good look is the darkest metallic grey colour you can find, and to lacquer them for ease in cleaning. Both BMW and Opel have factory paint colours that look just right.

Alan T.

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Well going from the pictures that was so I have no doubt what u say about your car is correct :classic: .

It has more of a deep red looking at the photo's that would remind me of burgundy. The S%#@ brown color title belongs to another Z factory color and I'm not sure if the 240z's had it but definately came on the 260z's in a metallic form.

hmmm just took a look at your photo's again and can't decide I can now see the brown but I always thought it was burgundy.

Either way it's still a stunner :love: .

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