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Who's real a "gear-head"?


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Just to see how many of us are what could be considered "gear-heads" or "motor heads" how about if each of us lists the automotive magazines we either subscribe to, or buy regularly on the newstand?

This is auto related only so some of you can forget those "other" magazines... just because they have a section for autos doesn't count...ROFL

My list goes something like this...

1. SportZ and previous to that ZCar Magazine

2. SCCA SportsCar magazine (members receive this with their membership in the SCCA) since 1989

3. Grassroots Motorsports

4. Mopar Muscle

5. Mopar Collectors Guide

6. The Straightpipe... Washington DC Region SCCA newsletter

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I like HOT ROD. They usually have a lot of decent articles. I always wonder though if a Zed has a V-8 is it considered a hot rod? Or is that name reserved for American cars only?

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1. SCCA SportsCar

2. Grassroots Motorsports

3. Wheelspin - St. Louis SCCA Region's Newsletter

4. About a dozen racing/parts catalogs -- I read them like magazines because I can't afford to order anything from them :classic:

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I have eased off in recent years and only buy the odd Aust Classic Car , Auto Action(Aust), Motor (UK) and/or motorcycle mag now.

I believe I would qualify however on the basis that I have a large cupboard in the garage full of 1950-1970+ car and cycle mags, including (US and Aust Hot Rod, US Cycle, Sports Car Graphics, Motor Cycle (UK), Motor Cycle News UK, Practical Motorist, Motor (UK), and Aust Sports car World, Wheels, Aust Motor Sports News, Racing Car News, etc.

If I had the money now that I spent on these mags I could spend more on the Z!!


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I have subscriptions to the following car magazines:

1) Sport Z and previously Z Car magazine

2) Grassroots Motorsports and their new spinoff

Used to subscribe to but, now buy occasionally:

Sports Car International

Classic and Sportscar

Practical Classics

Straightpipe (when I belonged to the Communist run SCCA--too much of the poilitics for my taste)

2ManyZs help me out here:

Do you have the issue of The Straightpipe where a list of cars was published with a one sentence comment about the likely driver of those vehicles? It went something like this:

Datsun 280Z---"I only had one kilo in the wheelwells officer"

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I more than likely have it in a box somewhere... you got any idea what year it was? I hate to look through all of them going back to 89..:cross-eye

I've got all the SportsCar and Straightpipes back to 89 around here somewhere.....:ermm:

I just threw away about 10-15 years worth of old Road&Track, Hot Rod, SportsCar Illustrated, etc...... Guess I should have put them up on Ebay and got some of my money back....:disappoin

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I don't have a subsciption to any but my dad gets MOTOR and occasionally when I see something of interest I'll buy teh UK Car magazine (great mag, just a little pricey). There are a whole lot of other magazines but I rarely buy any. Spending money to read seems silly to me, but then I suppose I shouldn't say that because I have spent quite a pretty penny over the last couple of months buying old (30 years) magazines on Ebay. You can guess what cars these ones have in them................................

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