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Fog lights???

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Did US cars come with fog light option? On my 71 I notice the hole above the flasher for it and by the horn wires the red and black wires look factory tapped still.  I checked the owners manual and there is no mention of fog lights.

I'm assuming I can source a fog light switch and the wiring provisions are in place?

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The quick answer is yes... sort of.  The wiring diagram shows the circuit and you've found the connections in the wiring harness in the grill area.  The rest of the wiring is found buried in the dash harness and identified by the tell-tale blue tape Nissan used to mark an unused function.  These would be the wires that would be connected to a switch in the dash.  I've installed such a switch on my car but a strong word of caution is needed here:  You don't want to run fog lights or any other kind of aux light directly thru this circuit lest you overheat and melt down the wiring.  To finish this off, you want to use the circuit to activate a relay that will power the fog/aux lights directly from the battery.  I have the switch installed but have not yet pulled the trigger on any form of aux light so I have not yet added the necessary relay and wiring.

Fog light wiring 1.jpg

Fog light wiring 2.jpg

Fog light wiring 3.jpg

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The fog light / fog lamp topic was discussed more than ten years ago.  I found this thread from 2003 that might help;

Options such as fog lamps did not really appear until the 1972 model year (in North America when an options catalog was published) however they have been available since day one and the wiring is included in our North American HLS30 exports.  Fog lamp switches and the actual fog lamps are fairly rare in North America.  I looked for years without luck.

fog lamp switch -2.jpg

fog lamp switch diagram-1.jpg

fog lamp switches - early and late.jpg

Fog Lamp3.jpg

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