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'72 240Z for sale!


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Hey guys--- its my Z... '72 240Z w/ SUs and L28/5-Speed from 280Z. Its in fair condition. The "For Sale" sign says $1950 obo but anyone from ZDriver can have it for $1800. For $2000 I'll include the car and $400-$500 worth of extra parts.

I'm in Ventura, CA (1 hour north of LA). You'll find pictures on my website:


The good:

'72 240Z California (no smog necessary for the time being)

'76 280Z engine (L28) with approx 110,000 miles.. runs NICE and STRONGl!!!

'78 280Z 5-Speed

Rebuilt SU carburetors, 4-screw.

Clutch works great!

Brakes work great!

280Z seats in 75% condition (a couple of tears but theyre nice)

280Z seatbelts

16x7 Z-Racing rims 4x100 painted alloy rims ($450 brand new)

The rims are on custom spacers allowing for FWD offset. ($250 value)

205/55HR16 Continental ContiContact front tires

225/50VR16 Michelin XGTV4 rear tires

Full size spare on honda rim for use on spacers with 195/70HR14 tire

New bellows type electric fuel pump

2.5" Exhaust from manifold collector to rear of car w/ Cherry Bomb universal 2.5" muffler

The bad:

The rack and pinion and tire rods ALL need to be replaced

The RR tire is toed in.. causing extremely bad tire wear on rear tires

There is rust... where the hatch closes, and near the LR side window.

Needs a door panel and window rail mechanisms on drivers side.

FUMES! I dont know why.. but sometimes theres some gassy fumes gettin' inside.

Creaks and squeaks of a 30 year old car.

Needs paint

Salvaged title

Roof has some wrinkles in it

the tranny grinds a little when speed-shifting into third gear

The parts:

This car will come with EVERY extra Z Car part I have! I've got lots! Including but not limited to:

Extra 240Z seats in nice condition

Extra seatbelt mechanisms.

Extra N47 exhaust manifold.

TWO extra sets of THREE screw SU carburetors

Extra fuel pump

TWO clutches and pressure plates.

Toyota 4-piston calipers

ZX Master cylinder

extra radiator from my old '71 (requires modification to fit)

some extra misc gauges (280z gauges)

That's all I can think of---basically you're buying my arsenal of z-car stuff. I have just about everything needed to repair something that would go wrong on this car to keep it on the road. It was my daily driver for over 4 months, and was the previous owner's daily driver for a while before that. It runs strong.. will spin those 225 V-rated michelins... and can jam up to 100 mph from 75 with ease (and embarass the local hondas). Asking $2000 for EVERYTHING pick up only. I'm in Ventura, CA (one hour north of LA)

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