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Yippe!! 27mpg and not goin' slow...


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Well like I said, made a trip to Bend, Or. About 300 miles from where I live....

Just gotta say, 27 MPG and was at 70 - 80 mph most of the trip.

And then to get pulled over today from no front plate..LOL

Long live the Z!!!!




Great mpg.

How does everyone else do? (mpg that is...)

Have a great one!!



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Two weekends ago I made a mad dash to Tampa,Fl. and back from Washington, D.C. in the 350Z (12 hrs 45 min going to Fl.) and the car averaged 26-27 mpg with speeds of 75-80 and the occasional burst to over 100mph :finger:

The '86 300ZX likes to use about 22-26 mpg in a mostly urban cycle; the '82 280ZX averages about 23-25 mpg thanks to it having a 22 year old set of factory plug wires on it (that was the first thing to get replaced along with the rubber fuel lines leading to and from the fuel filter).

The old warhorse '78 280Z now averages a lowish 20-22 mpg with a new set of Nissan injectors along w/ new NGK plugs, NGK plug wires, Nissan cap and rotor, Nissan fuel filter and fuel hoses. All coolant hoses were replaced as well. The only reason I can surmise is that @ 145k miles and a set of 15 X 7 ARE two piece mesh wheels and P225/50VR15 tires the car has alot of rolling resistance :cry: (it does need a front end alignment since swapping in the Tokico Illumina struts and Tokico springs from my old '78 Z)

BTW: My father's '77 280Z (I used to own it) averaged 27 mpg from D.C. to Daytona Beach for the Rolex 24 of 2001 after installing an '81 280ZX 5 speed (.76:1 overdrive) on the stock 14" steel wheels and 195/70R14 crap tires.

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