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New clutch/flywheel kit questions


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I have had numerous people recommend the clutch kit from Exedy. I was wondering if this kit (# 06029) will definitely fit my 1972 240z l24 w/ 4-speed transmission, r200 swap, MSA cam/springs, 6-1 header, and 2.5 exhaust. Also, should I replace anything else while I am down there (ARP bolts all around, collar...etc)? Any help would be appreciated. My clutch seems to be slipping once I hit my max torque range. My clutch feels very light, I have not adjusted my clutch yet, though, I have a sneaking suspicion it is the clutch altogether. The only reason I am hesitant is that I am not sure since the clutch does slip in 1st, only 2-4th when I hammer down. I plan on buying the Exedy master cylinder also. Has anyone had any experience using an aftermarket flywheel with their Exedy clutch setup, if so, which brand would you recommend? Looking on the Exedy website, it has two different sizes for the slave cylinder based on production date I believe, where do I check to find when mine was made? Thanks gents, still trying to learn everything about the car as fast as I can before I start taking her apart, cheers.









240z engine bay.JPG

240z front.JPG

240z side.JPG

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Your problem with slipping in second through to 4th and not slipping in 1st is very typical of a worn out clutch. 

You generally notice clutchs slipping in the high gears much earlier than the lower gears. Its the lower gearing that helps the clutch in 1st, not wanting to get into the theory of torque and acceleration.

If you are happy with the reviews and still want the Exedy clutch, I would just buy it. As to which collar is the correct one, who knows. You won't really know until you remove your transmision. Unless you know all the history of this car?

If you put the pressure plate on a flat surface and place the throw bearing with collar on top of the fingers. Measure the height of the tabs for the clutch fork. It should be around 92mm.

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I'm running a 225mm Tilton aluminum flywheel in my 240 with the $100 Exedy kit for the 280ZX 5 speed I switched over to. It takes a few minutes getting used to the lightweight clutch after driving my other manual cars/trucks. After I make it out of my driveway and onto the streets, I'm used to it and love the quick revving. It reminds me of the street bikes I used to ride.

I would drain the transmission fluid if you're just doing the clutch and replace it with Red Line MT90. New slave cylinder and hose. New rubber seal around the speedometer cable. Those you'll have to get from a Nissan dealership, $3 or $4.

While you have the transmission out you should replace the rear oil seal also. They're cheap and can be bought at any chain auto parts store.

If it were MINE I'd put a 5 speed in if you can find one. 70 mph at 2,100 rpm instead of 3,500. :D

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