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240Z Street Suspension Setups


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Hi All,

I'm sure this has been discussed to death by now, and I've been slowly trawling though all sorts of the previous existing threads however I want to hear some accounts about peoples suspension setups, and their opinions on them for road use.

I'm yet to drive my car however, from what I've been told having US suspension the car will be very soft and bouncy on the UK roads (compared to the European Spec suspension). We will wait and see in due course though. That being said long term I will be looking for suspension suitable for fast road use on UK roads, with this in mind I would much prefer to stray more towards comfort than to outright performance and a harsher ride being a road car. Realistically my car will be spending 95% of its time on the road, it is therefore important to me that it functions there best.

Looking at options that have been batted around and keeping cost in mind because unfortunately money is finite for me, I've come up with the following 3 options.

Tokico Illumina Struts with Eibach springs


Gaz Gold Coilovers


BC Racing Coilovers


Straight away there is obviously a clear choice to make in terms of do I either go down the route of weld in coilovers (which obviously offer far more adjustability) or do I stick with a more traditional struts and springs option. From my limited understanding all of the above three options offer a reasonable package in their own right, and all have pro's and cons.

I really like the idea of driving on the roads all day with supple ride comfort, and then just being able to turn up to a track and dial in different settings to firm things up, or changing the dampening when the car goes to Europe and the roads are generally significantly better. This appears to be present in both options albeit the struts and springs option obviously has no where near the same adjustability in terms of ride height and camber etc.

So my question to you all is, given my above requirements what setup would you consider in my position? (Fast road oriented with a bias towards comfort)

I appreciate that the above will be subjective as a question, and that everyone answering has the potential to have extremely different wheel and tyre combos, stiffened cars with strut braces and roll bars, stock cars etc that will influence the overall package and their answer. However I'm just looking for general feedback and want to hear from those who have been there before and hear what they've done... thumbs.gif

Many thanks in advance
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Apologies for the stupidly late reply, this seems to have split itself in to two threads somehow! I will most definitely go over there and check it out, couldn't agree more, hence why I try and stay on both the UK and US forums. Knowledge is power! :)

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