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Dwell problem

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I'm new to this forum and I would really appreciate some help. My 1972 Z with manual transmission runs pretty good but it's not great. My manual says timing should be either 17 degrees or 5 degrees depending if it has emission control or noe. My Z HAD emission control but it was removed. Should I time to 17 degrees or 5 degrees? Also, I can't get the dwell angle above 22 degrees. Can anyone help? Thanks

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Dwell is set by changing the points gap. Go with 15-17 initial, make sure your vacuum advance is hooked up and that hose is in good condition. And set that 17 with the vac advance hose removed and plugged don't forget.

And maybe its time for an electronic ignition rather than points. If your dizzy is in good shape (bushings and mech and vac advance works correctly) then just stuff in a pertronix kit. Will look totally stock.


And Welcome to the club. There are just about a billion bits of information here for you to read and learn from. 

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Vacuum advance was the problem. I took the distributor apart and found that the vacuum spring needed a little TLC. Cleaned everything up, lubricated and it runs like a charm. I think me tach/dwell meter may not be accurate so I went with the feeler gauge. Ain't it cool when they run good?

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