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Super2ner was worth it on TNN


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both shows had Ds/Ns...Adam Corolla had a replica of the '71 BRE along w/ John Morton, the winning driver of the orig race car. they went into the Nissan Dream Garage & talked about the 1st Fairlady & focused on Steve Millen & his career, the IMSA car from '88 & then ended it w/ the Irwindale Speedway Drift contest. & the "The Run" of the 350Z was shown on Sat's show, it was at least 3mins long.

all i can say is that if you missed it, the show may get rerun next weekend, 12:30pmEastern/11:30amCentral on Saturday & 12pm/11am on Sunday - TNN is known to mix up the import shows.

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