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There were rumours about a V10 Viper engine in a Z once ... but I havent seen any pictures or information so I wouldn't believe it...

Darius has his LT1 Supercharged, making some ridiculous amount of power.

There are a few 240Z drag cars, with a selection of motors in there. These are tubbed though so I don't count them.

There are some normal 240Z drag-set-up cars in Japan running the standard L block with carbourattors that do 10 second quarter miles.......... heavy work involved, but its amazing to think the 30 year old engine can pull times like that.

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440 would end up putting more HP to the ground than a Hemi if the amount of money spent is equal.. Hemi's and parts are just too darn expensive...Only thing wrong would be the money you'd have to spend on as many aluminum parts as possible to keep the weight of any of the big blocks down....

My money would be on the the new stroked 360 crate engine with 400+HP for under 5K...:devious:

By the way, I found the pic of the 354(?) Hemi in the yellow Z over on hybridz... guess the pic has made its rounds of nearly all the Z sites...


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Now you've got this thread started!

Here comes the V8 brigade! ROFL

Apparently you can get the 8's (look at that yellow one for example) to fit very snugly and pretty far back from the front wheels, so they dont alter the weight distribution much. Plus theyre not much heavier than the L24 anyway. Apparently.

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