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1972 240z gas tank hoses available and where??


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I am in the middle of my fuel tank restoration process and have several queries:

1. Which is the exact or most precise color to primer and paint the full tank? Just plain semi gloss black in spray or should i brush it with POR-15?

2. Do i really need to replace all the gas tank hoses? Having difficulty on getting all of them. Have sent e-mails to MSA but they only have one available. I also send an e -mail to my dear friend Mike at Banzaiworks, who has really helped me a lot sourcing parts but he has none of those hoses.


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Well i just got number 17 from EBAY yesterday! I would like to know which of this hoses shown in a diagram must be strictly original due to their stock bendings so i can look for them?

Parts number will help!! Edited by jalexquijano
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If you do a search on this site, you'll find several threads on hose replacement.  Most of them indicate how to work around hoses that are no longer available by using easy to find fuel rated hose and elbows and kink reducers.  My tank was done a couple months ago based on information found on this forum.  There's a wealth of help if you're willing to look for it.  Plus, you'll get that warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment from doing something on your own.  Give it a try!


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Well i just had the paint shop take the complete fuel tank, vapor tank and hoses out of the car. At the moment i have only been able to purchase the following hose:


I read that Z car source has a kit that comes with all the hoses but are not preformed. Which other source can i use to get the correct preformed hoses? I would not like to remove any of the hoses until i can source them all.




Tank with hoses 1.jpg

Tank with Hoses 2.jpg

Tank with hoses 3.jpg

Tank with hoses 4.jpg

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On ‎03‎/‎16‎/‎2016 at 3:50 PM, Jarvo2 said:

Try McMaster Carr, they've got the best selection.  Here are a bunch of pictures that might help in your journey:


Fuel-evap lines.jpg

Fuel-71 240z fuel tank.jpg


Fuel-Filler Hoses.jpg

Fuel-back left.jpg

Fuel-rear right top.jpg



I found this seller on EBAY offering a complete braided kit with all the preformed hoses:


After inspecting my hoses i dont see any of them leaking fuel!



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Have been struggling with a gas smell in and around the vapor tank.

Replaced #16 with hose from MSA and learnt a big lesson.  Only pull the old one off when the gas tank is EMPTY!!!!!

#18 has been a major major challenge though.  The ID is 3/4"  or 19mm is almost impossible, made worse by it needing to be good for gas.


Ive found some that is thin wall, but that kinks.  The stuff that does not kink has had wire reinforcement all but impossible to bend.


Finally though I came accross this. Its a tight fit but it works



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Hopefully someone can help. Suggestions for alternative or finding replacement?

In an attempt to track down the gas smell I've pulled the gas tank and set about replacing hoses only to find a crack in one of the fittings.    Problem is that I cannot find one anywhere . I'm also struggling to find any other link to  the attached schematic that shows #14








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All my hoses arrived last weekend and I began the strip down process. Also ordered selection of Unicoils.  Thanks sdyck.

For the impossible to find connector to filler tube, I found what I think is a very good solution.  A tad shorter, but should work.

From Pegasus Auto  https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=25706






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