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hi guys. Well, once again, i have another question.

Ok. i want to remove my emission components, but dont really know where everything is located and things like what i need to cap off. can u guys link me to a site or give me instructions and pictures of how to do so. thank you!

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Not sure if you want to do that. I see you have a 78. And in California only 73 and older are emmission exempt. Your car is not. If you did alter the vehicle it would make it impossible to sell. Or if you moved somewhere where they require annual smog checks you would be up S#*! creek without a paddle.


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they are trying to change the emmissions law in calif. to include all cars reguardless of year. Or at least going back to something like 40yrs. your going to need a cat converter on your leaf blower and lawn mower! I am sure glad I moved !

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