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Since I have a difficult time determining what time it is where some of you all live and feel that I'm not alone, I've included a link here to a web page that'll give you the current time of anyplace around the world. It sure beats buying 24 clocks to represent each time zone!

If you think this is a useful enough tool to post on our site, let Mike know and maybe he can incorporate it into the site somewhere. Mike, I hope I'm not being pushy here.



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Oh it is Gunner,

I've asked Mike if it was possible to add GMT time somewhere on the main page to we all had the same reference.

Like the old "who's in the chat room" that adorned the main page before the "big Crash", I guess it's not possible.


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Well, the system is supposed to calculate your current time based on GMT and the setting in your control panel. However, the system itself logs messages based on the SERVER time. It might be a better idea to just change that to GMT.

I had to deal with international time zones a lot when I was working at my old job. We had to synchronize meetings between NY, London, Wilsonville, and Melbourne. It was interesting none-the-less.

The example site you sent is great. But, it's huge.

Is there a reason why this would benefit the club? I'm not debating the addition of it... just wondering why this would be helpful.

It might be good for setting up chat meetings.

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Ya, for chat meetings and out of curiosity's sake. Nothing heavyweight.

I know nothing about web site setup. I was thinking of just a link on the main page. Nothing embedded or anything like that that would be a burden.

Thanks for your help and time Mike.:classic:

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If possible it would be of greater use to show either server time or GMT on the main page.

Either one will give all members world wide a standard time reference.

Obviously, GMT would enable all to quickly calculate time within other time zones, but this is not essential.

Could it be placed above "Who's Online"?

[best if it could be incorporated with a "Who's in the Chat Room"Box, hint, hint]!

Thanks for doing such a sterling job with the site.

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