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The osteopath

Project 1970 Z- getting closer....

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So to date:


-dashboard rewired.

-heater controls fixed.

-seat covers and foam replaced.

-OEM inner door panels installed.

-complete carpet set installed.

-window mechanisms fixed and properly greased.

-rear hatch strut replaced.

-JDM steering wheel installed.


-Carbs cleaned, jetted & balanced.

-timing adjusted.

-distributor replaced.

-coil replaced.

-cooling system cleaned out, flushed, hoses replaced, water pump restored.

-fuel pump restored.

-resonator bypassed.

-all vacuum hoses and clamps replaced.

-oil change to synthetic.


-all rust spots cleaned up, patched with metal repair.

-replaced from lower valance.

-tail lights restored with new chrome strips.

-hubcaps restored (from 1972 car, but like them better than the D caps.

-sprayed with two coats high build primer- one heavy, one light.

-wet sanded, glazed, sealed. Awaiting paint, likely this week.


-Retrosound head unit installed.

-rear speaker box with 2 alpine 6x9s installed

-front kick panels with 5" holes and 5 inch alpines installed


(Last photo shows final color)










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Looking good!

Keep doing the nice work---your old gal will look young again!


Jim D.


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Thanks man. I've wanted one since my dad bought one new in 1971- first car I ever cared about. With this, my dream garage is only missing one car- an Elise. Someday.....

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"-an Elise"


Strangely funny--- as just this afternoon I was thinking about an Elise that I saw a few years back. Don't know what brought that thought on as I haven't thought it before----but it came to mind today as I was driving home from work.

They are very attractive automobiles.


Jim D.


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If you ever have a chance to drive one, it is the most responsive car you will ever experience. My other car is a Caterham, and I never thought anything would out handle it- the Elise is the one.

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Nice color, hopefully I will get mine re-painted back to the original 918 in the next couple of years. Keep up the good work. :)

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