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  1. Good find on that side graphic- I like it better than the one I've got. I'll be taking this one off and deciding later whether to get that one. Cheers, Andy
  2. Thanks! I'm still on the fence about the side graphic.
  3. Here are some pics of how she came to me after finding her locally on eBay....
  4. I have wanted this car since I was 5 years old, and my dad had one that he bought new in 1972- this one was built in 11/70- I am so excited to have her almost back on the road- new windshield this week. Fuel pump replaced. Now just some engine bay detail work.....
  5. I've restored mine- here are some before and afters. As far as I can tell, the correct color is a matte version of the same grey on the tail light panel and grille. The centers age poorly, and cannot be machine polished without risking burning them. This was lotss of hand polish with plastic polish.
  6. If you ever have a chance to drive one, it is the most responsive car you will ever experience. My other car is a Caterham, and I never thought anything would out handle it- the Elise is the one.
  7. Thanks man. I've wanted one since my dad bought one new in 1971- first car I ever cared about. With this, my dream garage is only missing one car- an Elise. Someday.....
  8. Also- I've got new emblems, mirrors, chrome bumpers, and rubber seals to be installed once paint is done...
  9. So to date: Interior: -dashboard rewired. -heater controls fixed. -seat covers and foam replaced. -OEM inner door panels installed. -complete carpet set installed. -window mechanisms fixed and properly greased. -rear hatch strut replaced. -JDM steering wheel installed. Engine: -Carbs cleaned, jetted & balanced. -timing adjusted. -distributor replaced. -coil replaced. -cooling system cleaned out, flushed, hoses replaced, water pump restored. -fuel pump restored. -resonator bypassed. -all vacuum hoses and clamps replaced. -oil change to synthetic. Body: -all rust spots cleaned up, patched with metal repair. -replaced from lower valance. -tail lights restored with new chrome strips. -hubcaps restored (from 1972 car, but like them better than the D caps. -sprayed with two coats high build primer- one heavy, one light. -wet sanded, glazed, sealed. Awaiting paint, likely this week. Etc: -Retrosound head unit installed. -rear speaker box with 2 alpine 6x9s installed -front kick panels with 5" holes and 5 inch alpines installed Pics: (Last photo shows final color)
  10. Ok, so we are getting pretty close to spraying primer on my 1970 restoration project. I have all of the new trip pieces and NOS logos, etc... The whole body is going to look great, except the gas door latch- the chrome is pitted and rotten looking. Do inhale any alternatives other than sandblasting it and getting it re chromed? Any aftermarket replacements? Any suggestions would be ost appreciated.
  11. You're pff to a better start than I was. Enjoy. Wonderful car!
  12. So, one bit at a time my 1970 Z is finding its way back to respectability. Hope to have her back on the road in April. Some progress pics..... Front and rear spoilers are GONE, holes patched and sanded. Body sanded down and excessive bondo repairs replaced with mesh supported fiberglass. Hubcaps coming along (yes, I know they're the wrong ones for a 1970, but I like them). She's running solidly now, and the interior is about 80%. Tail light on the left has been polished and restored, one on right is as they came to me.
  13. I had this exact problem and it turned out I had a cracked coil.
  14. Ok, here's the update: it really was the voltage regulator crapping out that caused the issue. 200 plus miles on car since replacement with no problems. Just started replacing and re running vacuum lines. It looks as though some time in the past when there were repairs done, some mechanic simply shunted lines when they didn't know where they were supposed to go. That and the fact that many were old and cracked means that with each replaced line I have a slightly better car. First obvious improvements were smoother running and better brakes (vacuum line to brake booster) Will continue to update. -Andy
  15. Well, so far it appears it was simply the voltage regulator crapping out. Will hopefully be able to report Ina test run later today. Andy
  16. Well, looks like the issue was the voltage regulator. Alternator output was normal, battery held a charge. Voltage regulator appears,to be the original one. Opened it up- two coils, one copper and one green coated copper. Copper one was charred and wire near connection terminal was fried and disconnected. Should have replacement Wednesday morning. Will keep you posted. Hey, Captain obvious: are you anywhere near Bala Cynwyd? -Andy
  17. Thank you all so much for your input. I am going to get looking at the alternator tonight- hopefully my more technically minded friend will be there as well. -Andy
  18. Of course he checked each thing as he went around- not the first car I've worked on, or he. I'm going to recheck the alternator tomorrow- this seems like the logical place to start. Andy
  19. That's what I was afraid of. What else could be causing this? Runs fine for a quarter mile, then stalls out. Needs a charge to start up. Alternator and battery just tested fine. Any help would be most appreciated. Andy
  20. My 1970 1st gen Z project was running great, my technician friend installed LEDs in the dash, and a couple other things- he came upon this part, which did not appear to be attached to anything,mans he thought it was part of an old mod- there was one ground wire going to it. He removed it, and now car runs in idle, but if I drive, it will make it for about a quarter of a mile, then stall dead. Then won't turn over without a charge. What the hell is this piece? Or is it just a coincidence and related to something else?? Please help!!!!!
  21. It is an actual product used to scrape the bugs and other residue off of the plastic light bars on an ambulance. It was recommended to me for the taillights-and it has been working a treat. It's available online. I'm pretty sure Amazon has it.
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