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Centerforce 2 Clutch Disk


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Hi friends,

my clutch disk needs a replacement. Centerforce doesn't sell the disk separated. Why should I buy a total new kit when I only need a new disk? What is the special of the centerforce 2 disk and has anyone of you an idea what I can use instead and where to get it.

Thanks for your help!


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I think it depends on how far you let things go before.  Some people recommend just scuffing up the pressure plate and flywheel with sandpaper if there are no grooves or heat-check spots and the surfaces are still flat (checked with a good straight edge).  Monroe describes it in his How To Rebuild book.


AS for where to get them, RockAuto has a good selection, the auto parts stores still stock them, and Nissan dealers may still carry them also.  After sanding the two metal surfaces, clean them well with brake cleaner.  You'll need to know the size of the pressure plate and flywheel.  But the disc itself fits the transmission shaft, so that's what matters, aside from friction surface size.  I've sanded and cleaned a flywheel surface with no issues, using a pressure plate and disc kit.




http://www.courtesyparts.com/clutch-dis-p-329045.html  (225 mm)

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Hi trcb, in principle you are right but my presssure plate and flywheel look good and are not old. I had to take my engine out as I had to replace the front cover.

So I thought it might be a good idea to replace the clutch disk and some more parts.

John, does the stock clutch disk for the 240 Z work with the centerforce 2? Motorsports said "No" but as far as I know you by your comments I believe in your experiance with tuned Zs.

Thanks for your support

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