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Hi there everyone! I was just wondering if any one has attended a technical school such as uti or wyotech? I am trying to convince my parent to let me go to wyotech instead of Hillsdale college. The only reason I want to turn down a prestegious school like that is that I have an obsession with cars. I've been like this pretty much for as long as I can remember. I like school and learning thigs also, but not as much as I like cars.

Naturally, after completion of wyotech's 12 program I would persue a career in the automotive field. That is if I'm not recruited by one of the manufacturer's. In which case, I will go on to the manufacturer specific training.

So here is my question to you all. Has anyone gone to one of these types of schools, or taken this sort of path?



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You spent seven years in college? Dang, you must have had a heck of a time. Was it just the chick action, or did the learning stimulate your thoughts and make you want to learn more? I bet it was a mix if both.

What did you major in? I'm assuming you graduated because you did spend seven years there.

I plan on going to community college when I finish Wyotech just to learn more things about history and politics. I may even take some socioligy and physics. If i do decide to go to Hillsdale, I would major in Physics. Everything else is just pretty much social sciences.

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Did I graduate????? I graduated from a drunken state is what I graduated from!

As much as I hate saying this.... the old man was right when he said "if you quit you'll never go back" The 7 years includes a 2 year break and going part time for a while.

Seriously though, I learned things in College you don't get anywhere else (like how to shag a chick in the... wo this is a family place can't say that).


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I Am heading out to wyo in oct, hopefully with a new 70' 240. But I depends on what you are into. Give Them a call. It costs almost as much as going to a university. Larimie is a college town so you can still get laid as much as you are able. If you need any info email me. [email protected]

but ya the program is a good one. I am assuming that you are a senior? The only thing that is harsh is the fact that you cant have facial hair below your ears, jewelry, or tatoos. But the town is kinda like Chico Ca "My Home Town". Lotsa parties!

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Go get your Bachelor Degree. You can use that your whole life. Hell, get it in something easy. Just so you can have that piece of paper. I know it sucks that companies judge you based on that degree, but, it's the best way to put a filter on something.

Get your Bachelors in something technical, but, do it. Especially if your parents are behind you. My parents didn't care what I did. So, I started my own company. I eventually went back to college, but, it's not the traditional format.

I've had jobs at our local University and it's a complete blast. I would give anything to go back and do it over. I would spend some time in the U, banging girls and having fun. But, don't ever forget why you are there. You'll also gain life-long friends at the University.

It's hard to go back when you're older because most people get behind the ball. Ie: Kids, wife, big house, debt, and other stuff. It's so hard to sit still and study. Believe me!! I'm 32 and just now finishing.....

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Having that Bachelor's Degree Diploma is, bluntly, critical. You can eventually make it, if you are a gifted individual and can make lemonade out of lemons. But without that piece of paper, it's hard to get people to even give you their lemons.

Think of it this way.

Remember that kid in High School who had never made it with a girl, yet always bragged about how much he'd done it, where he'd done it and how he'd done it? And everybody knew he was full of sh*t.

On the other hand there was this other guy whom EVERYBODY knew had done it. Did you notice how ALL the guys would approach him for his advise? And it didn't matter with what girl he'd done it with. HE'D DONE IT! Having succeeded, his opinion was important to others who hadn't done it, and with others that HAD done it, he was "one of the guys".

Get the picture?

The point is this, that little piece of parchment says that you have the perseverance to see a project to it's conclusion. Kind of like restoring a car. Unless you're driving it around or have pictures, how can you prove it?

Regarding what college, or university, or community college, you chose, do yourself a HUGE favor. Check to see how the credits you will earn would transfer to a high prestige college. That will give you an excellent benchmark as to how much you're wasting your time by attending there. You don't want to spend 2 years at a school, even if you get straight A's, only to find that 80% of your credits DO NOT TRANSFER! Can you say==WASTE OF TIME?

You'd be better off attending a more prestigious school PART TIME, and keeping those credits, than losing the bulk of those.

Good Luck.

Enrique Scanlon

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Well everyone, I'm still a little undecided. :stupid: Ok, I'm really undecided. I think what I need to do is take a trip to the schools that I'm gunning for. Mabye durring spring break I'll make it to the schools.

From what i've read, colleg sounds like alot of fun. There seems to be alot of talk of sex. This has intruiged me. I'm also anxious to stimulate my brain. No, not with drugs. I don't like those things, they ruined my family. I want to learn! But at the same time, i don't want to go through another 4 years of school!. I hate sitting down for 6 hours a day. I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

Thanks for you input everyone. I'd still like to hear what everyone has to say, if they have anything to say.

"a mind is a terrible thing to waste"



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Everyone had some excellent bits of advice, especially escanlon when he says that future employers want to see that piece of paper showing you've run the gauntlet. Like escanlon says, the 4 year degree shows the employer that you have persevered, are able to set a goal and give up some things to get what you want. One false assumption is that you will somehow become more "intelligent" once you have obtained your degree. Totally wishful thinking. Maybe more knowledgeable in a very narrow field, but not more intelligent. The degree is this society's pass to more opportunity. I agree that if you don't complete your college now, it is usually much harder to do it once you receive all of life's responsibilities. But this also means that if you avoid doing what you really love to do(auto mechanics or whatever) now, you may get snagged into some profession(and feel obligated to stay in that profession because of family responsibilities) that you don't really like as much, and may make great money, etc., but you can be guaranteed you will always regret or at least wonder what it would have been like to do what you truly love and have fun doing. Always do what you love to do(providing it doesn't fry your brain permanently or give you more than a few minor STD's), NOT necessarily what people think you should do, however well intentioned they are. As a parent of two teenagers, I would never think of discouraging my kids from persuing a technical career, if that was what they showed a great love and aptitude for. I went to college in the sixties, and if I could remember, I'm sure everything they say is true about having fun at college. Good luck, and make sure you maintain a sense of humor, the most valuable asset of all.

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Congrats on even thinking about doing something like that!! I myself have just completed 2 years of full time work after year 12, and I've just returned to study...I'll tell you what, and this is from my personal experience (though not overly thorough)...I left school unsure of what to do, I've always loved cars, motorbikes and computers, my whole life and I decided to see how much I could make without a tertiary degree...I didn't make too bad money, but I was working for 54 hours a week driving a 5 tonne truck...no prob, I'm only 20, but can you imagine doing that your whole life? Sure I had great fun buying stuff for my fiance, house stuff, and of course a 260Z and a brand new Yamaha!! But still, even with the money I realised that the work would keep me interested for about 5 minutes, and after a while you just tune out of life and it flies by, but when I'm doing something that I love, it goes a whole lot slower and I tend to enjoy it a whole lot more...

The point is, do what you wanna do, and wait for the right time...but not too long...I've had mates who've done the same thing and not want to go back, and they'll suffer...they may make good (ok) money, but in ten years they'll look back and wonder...

Best of luck, let us all know how you get on!!

Cheers pll!!

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Time to get a little perspective on things. I know that at this time it's difficult to assess what you need to do. We've all been there, it's part of growing up and stepping out into the real world and making do on your own.

Now you can ignore all this advise, because after all, we're just a bunch of old farts who like your Dad, just tell you what you should do because that's what old farts do.


You could read between the lines, and INTO the lines and you'll note that many of us are just giving you advice, NOT from old guy down to young guy, but from one Z owner to another.

Most of the advice you're getting is of the type of "Don't step in the Dog Sh!t! Not only does it smell, but you'll have one hell of a hard time cleaning the waffle pattern on your sneakers and you won't be allowed to step on the carpet." type of advice. If you enjoy the smell of it, working with it, and being excluded because of it, then rock and roll, enjoy the aroma and don't bitch because you can't come in.

Years ago, just a few hours short of my Mechanical Engineering degree, I was forced to quit the University due to funding. Not only was I unable to procure loans, but I couldn't find employment that would pay enough and allow me to attend school. This was 82 and there was a nasty recession going on and lots of people were losing their jobs.

I ended up being a body man working on trucks.

Yes, I enjoyed it, but I also ended up hating it. Although I was getting enough money to get by, it was going to take me 10 YEARS to be able to save up enough to go back to school for ONE semester, while at the same time not having enough money to do ANYTHING at the end of the week. Getting another job was fruitless as I did NOT have that little piece of parchment. It didn't matter that I could do the math, see the relationships etc, I wasn't "degreed".

You aren't sure that you want to SIT for 6 hours of the day attending classes?

How about STANDING for 8, while you run a sanding block back and forth in controlled strokes? Although your body is busy, your mind goes nuts. You can't read a book, you can't watch TV, you can't use your brain...

Or sit at a desk and answer questions from individuals too lazy to read the instructions? Sure you use your brain, but at such a limp level that you're sure that slugs have entertainment better than this.

Or call people and try to get them to buy magazine subscriptions over the phone? Or ask: Would you like fries with that? And you know all the jokes and hatred associated with those two jobs.

Trust me, those 6 hours of studying for 4 years will eventually become "Some of the BEST years of my life!!".

So take the time NOW.

Before you saddle yourself with a 5 year $450 a month loan because you HAD to have that new 350Z, and the $750 a month rent payment on that apartment that that one crazy chick who always wore flimsy tank tops told you she would absolutely love to share with you but she never had the money to pay for her half and since the lease was in YOUR name, and the cable bill with every premium channel tacked on, and music piped in, because anything less would not be what you deserve, and ...........MOST IMPORTANTLY...........before you find out that the girl who wore flimsy tank tops is looking to trade them in on a maternity top and gosh Isaac, I must have just forgotten to take the pill and "oopsie" we're going to be parents.............

And that's when you'll look back and say:

You know those stupid old farts back on Classic Z Car told me that it would happen this way if I didn't ............

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I'd like to chime in with one thought.

Don't go to college just to go to college. In other words, make a decision about what type of career you want to pursue BEFORE you go to get a degree. Pursue a degree in your chosen field but only after you have taken the time to look a little ways into the future to see if that career choice is going to be worth the time and money it takes to go through college.

A little story to give you an idea of what I'm talking about. Neighbors youngest son wanted to go to college for a degree in sports medicine. He took 2 years at one college and finished with 4 years at Radford University. He worked part time at a Food Lion supermarket stocking shelves in the evenings to help pay his bills while in school. After 6 years of college, he graduates and comes home, only to find that he can't find a job locally. He finds a job 40 miles from home at a new rehab facility next to JMU. Well, guess where he is working now. Yup, you guessed it, he's working full time at Food Lion, because the his chosen specialty doesn't pay enough. He's making almost 3 dollars more an hour working in a supermarket......Kind of a waste of time and money don't you agree?

There is nothing wrong with a Technical College, if you plan on working with your hands the rest of your life and enjoy the challenges, just be sure to get as much out of the education as you can.

I for one wish I had taken a different path, I was accepted at a school in Tulsa, OK but because I had bought a car, and had some other bills, I couldn't afford to go. Now I wish that I had, as I could be a licensed pilot and a certified A&P mechanic now. A friends brother, who got his experience in the military, is hauling in in excess of 100K a year working on helicopters....:stupid:

So just make sure you choose a career that will not only pay you well, but one you will enjoy working in for the better part of your adult life.....It's hard to find a job when you are a master of only one trade and you find you don't want to work in that trade any longer....

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Ok, I think I've got a good perception of what you all are saying. All of this great advice, combined with some reading of "The O'Riley Factor" has shed some new light on the situation. I am very very fortunate that I have a parent that is willing to pay for my education. I feel that having my education payed for is a once in a life time opportunity, that I know I would hate myself if I passed up. When I think of all the people that would give anything to be in my position, I almost feel like I should be slapping my self for even thinking twice about what to do.

These factors have lead me to the conclusion that I will pour all my efforts into getting accepted to the University. I am would like to persue a major in Physics. It's a great platform from which I can choose a multitude of technical careers.

This is a pivotal decision that will affect the rest of my life. Hearing all of your testimonies has helped to put the magnitude of this decision into perspective for me. Thank you all for your time and advice.


Your advice has had the greatest influence upon my decision. Thanks you for taking time out of your day to reply to my little post. Your knowledge is greatly appreciated, and I don't know how to thank you enough.

Now, only thing left to do is to get accepted. This is the easy part. :geek:

Thank you everyone,


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Isaac, the best thanks you can give someone who has given you advice is to excel. It reaffirms their opinion of you, in that you confirm that you are worthy of their advice and it reassures them that they can still discern those golden nuggets in the sand of life.

With that out of the way, you can also thank me by becoming EXTREMELY successful, starting an outrageously successful company, letting me know about the upcoming initial stock offering so I can get in on the ground floor and become filthy rich as your company increases in value.......


You can buy me another Z, so I can compete with 2ManyZ's.

HAHAHAH, j/k (or not!)

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Advice is something that is best taken in pieces...disect what is important and relevant, and store the rest in case it becomes important and relevant later...and then there is our advice!!:classic: But seriously...EScanlon is dead right and offers some great advice, because that is what it is like working in a job you come to hate...you may like it in the beginning but soon enough your mind wanders and your body deteriorates; either that or you come to just hate the job!

But serious...don't jump headlong into anything!!! Did you know, that 200,000 ppl in New York have psychology degrees, and yet most of them work in cafes, department stores etc because there isn't any work!!! So really think, and make sure that you know what you want to do first, and see if what you want to do provides good money, good working conditions and most importantly, that the field you want to work in has plenty of employment available, and where you want to live!!

Listen to the guys here, especially EScanlon, and I agree that to excel is the greatest thing you could do because it proves that we actually know something!!

Best of luck in whatever path in life you choose to take.

Cheers ppl!!

PS If you do excel, and become wealthy, you better have a 10 car Z garage so we know that they're going to a good home!!!

PPS Same goes for me with the shares...:classic:

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ROFL yah , and buy some wheels like he said I wanted ! SPUNKY , I just wanted to congradulate you on your decision. One thing that I have found in life is that when I have taken a hobby that I enjoyed and it became a money making venture for me it turned into work and wasn't fun any more but work . I have done this twice in my life , now I have my z and working on cars has always been in my life . Now this is a hobby and is enjoyable to me . I do not work on others cars for $ , only now I am going to charge escanlon, . Really , you are interested in cars and you have had thoughts of mechanics . Get an education first make your foundation for your self and build on that. I was vary blessed in that at 23 I was accepted on the LA Fire Dept. , A job that I loved and if there were do overs in life that would be one. My wife and I have raised our 4 children and are all married and doing well .Our youngest just had there first child. What I am getting to is that I was in a dead end job with not a future to speek of , Married and two little kids. I couldent afford collage and went stright to work. I actually started at 15 . If it haddent been for the Dept I wouldent have had much of a future. Go to school to learn . All the best Gary
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