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U-joint for driveshaft


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I want to swap my tranny to FS5W71C from '90 240SX.

In order to swap tranny, I need to shorten driveshaft(propeller shaft).

Before, sending my '76 280z driveshaft to shop, I try to replace 40 year old U-joint.

This driveshaft comes with staked u-joint, which is none-replaceable u-joint.

I follow Blue's information to order u-joint.


I couldn't find spicer, so I got precision 391 instead.



It looks like too big to fit...

When I measure the diameter, it's 25mm and match with Blue's information.


But when I get original u-joint.. it's 22mm


When I search more, it looks like rockford is selling u-joint specific to those staked u-joint. The parts number is 430-10 for ours.

I'm not sure some of the Z uses replaceable u-joint that listed on http://atlanticz.ca/

Just FYI.


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Here's a good link for u-joints, with dimensions. https://www.powertrainindustries.com/catalogs_type.htm?type=UJoints&PHPSESSID=1i4gudsrcok13lt4mf660vloa3

How are you going to retain the new u-joint, since the old one was staked in? If it's not centered perfectly you'll have vibration and without proper retention it could move.

Here's a thread, with info on a shop up here in the Portland area. I think that they shorten also. 280z (datsun / nissan) non replaceable ujoint replacement where to go to fix for just $103 in 30 minuets - S30 Series - 240z, 260z, 280z - HybridZ

Don't forget that the early 1970 drive shaft is the correct length and will swap right in. Jon Mortensen had one for sale, he might still have it. It's already rebuilt and he wasn't asking much.

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Hi Tamo,

The driveshaft you have is from a 280Z. They used different uni-joints with the smaller diameter. Don't ask how I found that out.

You need a driveshaft from a 240Z or a 260Z. Be carefull with the last months the 260Z also strted with the non servicable driveshaft like the 280Z.

Like Zed mentioned, if you get a series I driveshaft, you wont need to shorten it. It is already the correct length.

Note: Siper cap diameter: 240Z to 260Z nov 74 are 25mm. 280Z 22mm and non servicable.

PS: Thats a nice gearbox you are planning to install:cool:. The 1990 240SX had the heavy duty version of the 71C. There is a lot of different models of the 71C out there.


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Thanks Zed Head.

Yes, I checked the thread. After replacing u-joint, I'm planning to bring driveshaft to local shop to shorten and balance it.

Hi, Chas,

Thanks for the info. I didn't know older model of Z use bigger u-joint.

I was lucky to find '90 240SX at the junkyard right after I got extra 71B bellhouse.

Maybe write up in the different thread about it.

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