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Pass side rear break sticking....


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My 72 240z is taking me on a shop tour .....3 trys at 3 shops and I still have a rear wheel that is kinda stuck/ slow turning...binding up......not turning fluidy. Pretty sure brake related...

Shop1....Start after I replaced driver side rear wheel cylinder....took back readjust...

Shop2....Adjust brake seemed better....but after a short time sticking again bad....

could use of ebrake make this happen? (like it doesnt completely release?)

Shop3..."yeah man that brake was locked up....we had to use a rubber malit on it and it broke the brake drum" well I got a new drum....they felt they fixed it....on the way home after a mile I heard a brake related rubbing but this time in Pass rear wheel.....I stopped called AAA again....

The rim was so hot.....only one like that...

Please help any insight....or even a great z shop in la....

Love my Z hate this one dingleberry.



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Seems to me theres probably $40 worth of parts in a rear drum assembly. I suspect your springs are worn out or the brake adjuster in the drum gave up. In either case a full brake job seems cheap enough to just take the shotgun approach to this problem.

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when I was refurbing my parking brake I totally removed the cable, then used a cable lubricator for a motorcycle. First I sprayed in wd-40 to clean everything out, compressed air to removed the wd-40 then cable lubricant. one of my other hobbies is dirt biking so I had a cable lube tool lying around, but gravity and light oil will give you the same effect. This is what i used

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