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Brake Line Size from MC outlets


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Does anyone know of the sizes of the brake lines for our Z cars?

The line running from my master cylinder to the Distribution block/proportioning block thing is rounded off and needs to be replaced.

I need a replacement and don't know the pitch of the threads and such. Id like to see if anyone knows the answer instead of me taking off the one in my car and having brake fluid leak all over...

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I forget the length of that particular line off hand, but you want m10x1.0 inverted flare fittings on a 3/16" line.

Here are some links to pre flared 8", 12", and 20" lines:

American Grease Stick Poly-Armour PAJ308 - Brake Line | O'Reilly Auto Parts

American Grease Stick Poly-Armour PAJ312 - Brake Line | O'Reilly Auto Parts

American Grease Stick Poly-Armour PAJ320 - Brake Line | O'Reilly Auto Parts

I heartily suggest buying a pre-flared line with fittings on it. Flaring lines is kind of a pain and preflared lines are pretty cheap, especially if you only need to replace one or two.

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This is what I buy:

Brake line repair made easy. Where to buy brake line, fuel line, brake line flaring tools, brake line nuts and brake line fittings

This is how to flare - dead perfect every time with the flaring press!

1st pic is with flaring press

2nd pic is with hand flaring tool - and flaring press



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Many of the parts stores carry pre-flared and fitted brake and fuel lines of various lengths. One way to get the length is to take a piece of wire and bend it around the curves of the piece you're replacing, then straighten it out and measure it.

OReilly auto also loans out a variety of tools, I'm pretty sure that a flaring tool is one. Give deposit, use the tool, return it and get the full deposit back. But they also sell pre-fitted lines.

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