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check out these wheels


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Hello fellas,

I mean all of you can't list everyone so this message goes out to everyone who has been involved in my wheel dilemma. Please go to these two places. AKH wheels.com and click any Ansen sprint wheel you can get up. Also go to Boyd Coddington wheels you can put that in as keyword and click on signature series- classic

and tell me what you think of both the ansens and coddingtons the coddingtons are a little out of my price range but the Ansens are $390.00 for a set of four which I thought are pretty good and he is polishing a 14x6 set now for me to look at.

Let me know what you think



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Hi Burt:

I can't get any picture of the "Ansen Sprint" Mags to come up from that website. Always get a "picture not currently available" message.

I do own an old set of mag (aluminum) wheels that have plastic center caps that say "ANSEN SPRINT" on them. These wheels were dealer add-ons to the first Z ( a 73 240Z) that I bought back in 1975. They look just like the "standard slotted aluminum wheels" found on many first gen. Z cars. If the ones you are looking at are like mine, and in good condition, the price doesn't sound bad to me. The wheels I have on Bambikiller are Appliance brand slotted mags, that were also a dealer add-ons in the early 70's. I haven't looked at them side by side with the Ansens, but they are at least very similar. I think both sets of my wheels are 14" X 5.5".

I'm not ready to part with either set, as I hope to have another Z some day, Lord knows when.


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Bambikiller and Zmefly

The Ansens that you posted Z are the ones that I got up on the AKH web site even though they are five bolt pattern he has a set being polished that are 4 bolt. Those wheels are original Ansens. Some are copies. The problem that I have now is that he sent me mail last night informing me that the wheels are 14x6 3/8 the backspacing is 35/16ths and the forward 37/16ths. Do you guys know what he's talking about. I know the size may not fit my 185-70-14 tires 14x7 doesn't fit. Can you tell me if these wheels he has will go on my tires and do I need backspaceers. What a hassle.


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