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Now this is really different!


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I guess if you can't afford a race car and don't like the idea of the "family jewels" being 2 inches off the ground with a kart, this is a wild alternative.....

Fuuny how a snowmobile made its way to Florida, but I guess he had to do something to be able to use it....


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Thats not a new deal. We would run our sleds on the 1\4 mile drag strip in the summer. There was even a class for sleds started in the early - mid 90s. The early people would take and notch out holes in the skis and mount roller bade wheels inline then grease up the track runners and make a go of it. Its come along way from the looks of that.

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Originally posted by 2ManyZs

I have a feeling this is only used for drag racing, but a road course would be fun....

With the sleds they have today putting out in excess of 140hp and under 500lbs, this would be an exciting ride to say the least......:cross-eye

This one claimed 250HP!! I'd try drag racing it, but there's no way I'd try a road course. Call me Chicken!

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