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Air Horn Filters


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I just lucked into a deal on these air horns,post-26437-1415082650473_thumb.jpg

45mm choke, 57mm tall and 87mm wide at the lip. Big lip, I spent a few hours today hunting through sites that sell air filters for air stacks and haven't found anything.

Wondering if the Z collective (love that term, kinda like the borg collective) has any suggestions, foam socks or stainless steel mesh caps?

Worse case, I could have a few mm cut off the lip so a standard filter would fit but would rather not do that if I don't have to.



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The air horn filter thing has been discussed recently on hybridz.

Weber Velocity Stacks Filters or No? - Nissan L6 Forum - HybridZ

Given what the advantages of using air horns do and how that works, ie the improvements in air pattern and flow at the lip of the horn, it seem intuitive to me that using those mesh filters that slip over that critical lip shape can do nothing but remove most if not all of the advantaged gained. Let alone the poor filtering they provide. Do they look cool? Yup.

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Yeah, I have been looking at those for a while, this is the CAI box I would really like to get,


As far as I can tell these air boxes were made in Japan for their market and NA never got them.

Very slick looking. But in any case I would have to cut down my present air horns so they would fit so I think I'll try and build one out of filter foam first and see how that works before I spent the big money.




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