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240k Style

KenMeri love, introducing my 1975 KHGC110 Hardtop :bandit:

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Christmas is coming so I'll have to down the credit card lest invoke the wrath of the minister for war and finance (the wife).

May also have a career change in the wings so may have an extended break. But I'm hoping to get some work done to the car soon, instead of buying all the bits.

I keep forgetting you guys have been at this for years LOL I shouldn't be playing catchup ..... Or maybe I can :cool::beer:

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Update time...

My key blanks arrived from Thailand


But the top of my ignition barrel is stuffed...so I may have to order a new one.


But i've managed to secure some parts which my coupe was missing. But also more extra goodies. GTR C110's are exclusively are 1973 model cars. But mine is a 1975 which has later model round vents and a different centre console compared to the 1973. So sourcing these parts through YAJ was going to be an expensive prospect...


...until i was contacted by a friend who had decided to part out his 1973 coupe as it had been in a fairly serious accident. These are what i managed to secure for my coupe.

The missing Stainless Steel trim piece across the top of the windscreen. Now i have all the SS Trim for the car.


In here is a Drivers Door glass, only need a front windscreen now


The early square drivers side vent. A little piece is broken out of it but i'll still use it until i can afford another.


The early style glovebox with square vent


And an early Centre Console...complete with Factory Radio and Cassette player !!!!!!



I've been polishing the indicators lenses and they look like they'll work ok. I'll hit them with some clear to keep them from getting worse. I'm still waiting on the gaskets to come from Japan for those too. I'll need to cut the plugs as they've disintergrated and put new ones on. Narva make some so that's sorted. Just have to send the housings away for plating...

...so some progress is happening, although that will slow for christmas.

Good times. :cool:

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If you looking for a set of lenses and don't mind repros, you might want to try David at Street lens in Minto, south sydney. His workshop is a bit chaotic the last time I was their, but he makes all kinds of lenses and might just have a mould for the C110 somewhere? He does answer e-mail just takes a couple of days.


Streetlens - clear lenses for your street car

Just a thought.


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Bought a spare dashboard..


It's special. Those of you in the US would like this one



It's an rare early dash. It has MPH on the inner ring of the speedo

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Thats indeed a rare find. There wasn't many of them around to start with. Does the face from the later units fit?

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Thanks for the support :wink:

I was at work the during the week and checked Facebook and saw an ad from a mate selling some 240K seats...... Now mine are...a little unhealthy


So I snapped them up. Only about 1000% better! There is some stitching that needs doing but overall they're great, especially compared to what I had!


My son gave them the tick of approval after a brief clean


Also scored another drivers side guard, as mine was pretty much flat :(


And some finned drum brakes


Overall pretty happy, and very unexpected to find those seats. I was not looking forward to paying huge chunks of cash to get them fixed. So a great result

Also Merry Christmas everyone from sunny Australia

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In a moment of boredom my dad and I said, "stuff it bet we can get the coupe running!"

Now the car hasn't been run in the nearly 10 years or so the previous owner had it, so I had my doubts. There were masses of custom crap wiring everywhere, dust and debris, not to mention half a mud hornet nest on the block.

So we started by a general tidy up and cut out the crap wiring. Then off came the air filter and checked out what we had. The manifold was held on by only 2 bolts! The exhaust header was in the boot and all the fuel and vac lines had been cut!!! Pretty wizz poor effort that.

Borrowing from Wile E Coyote's school of acme engineering we adapted what we could. This wasn't meant to be long term (I'll pull the engine for a full rebuild) but was just a case of can we do it?




Headers went on, now 5 bolts holding it all on. Had to make a fuel line from the pump to carb using the return line. Made an ignition switch from the coil to the battery out of the junk wiring we removed. Made another wire to the starter to jump start that. And borrowed a zed alternator adjustment bracket and put that in instead of the lump of wood holding the belt tension. Couple more little things and we're ready.....now where's that battery?? Didn't come with one, perhaps tomorrow then.

Today we had another go, with battery this time, so we hooked it all up. Pulled the plugs to turn her over on the starter to move the oil around (it was still full). Also checked spark which we definitely had (got zapped, again :roll: )

All seemed good, quick final check. Rigged up a tin can as a fuel tank (tank is out) and this is the result!

240k hardtop first turnover - YouTube

Helps when you connect a ignition switch to actually flick it on :oops:

Round 2

240k hardtop It's Alive!!! - YouTube

All seemed good so far. We've come this far, why not get her really going. In order to do that needed to fill the radiator.. So we pushed her outside since I didn't want to pull the bottom rad hose inside the garage.



Dropped the bottom hose, which still had rusty water, and flushed it out a bit before reconnecting. The battery we were using wasn't that healthy so we had to use the black wagon to jump it but here goes

240k hardtop outside - YouTube

Now needed another hand so I had to put the phone down this time.

240k hardtop running - YouTube

Sorry for the crap video.....

Now it's only running headers, with air leaks literally everywhere....but she runs!! Got warm and the thermostat even opened before the tin can emptied. So not a bad exercise in acme engineering.

Got to thank my dad for the assist on this. His old datsun racing trickery coming to the fore on this


That's probably all for this year with the holidays about to kick off. Hope to get some minor bodywork done early on next year and finish my bumper assemblies off.

Merry Christmas and stay safe on the holidays!

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Congrats starting the engine. At least you know what you have before you start your rebuild. Now you'll be able to sign up as a mechanic for Bathurst next year.LOL

Mery (not too hot) christmas and good luck restoring in 2014.


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First post back from Christmas...and not too much to report.

But i have finally locked in what sort of build i am going for, engine wise, and I've decided on an RB26DETT running a RB25DET gearbox.

I have to comply with ADR's (Australian Design Rules) in order to get it engineered so I'm going through the process of getting those.

Goal is to have the turbos top mounted and still run Aircon and an IC (should be tight, but managable) in the small gap prior to the radiator.

I'll also try to retain the duel exhaust tips to give it a sleeper look. A GTR replica with the perfomance of...well, a GTR!!

I've also locked in the paint scheme and will post a picture shortly.

In the process of ordering a front windscreen and a few other things like dash badges etc. but things are happening slowly.

Stay tuned.

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Here it is!!!



A little bit more inspiration. I'll keep the chrome trim, with the black bonnet, mirrors, flares, wheels and rear wing

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I know :finger:LOL. Problem is everyone seems to have silver or white....and Kent blackmailed me into not having Red, so.......

...i wanted to be original and stand out from the crowd!!;). Should looks the goods.

I'm refraining from doing it purple with glitter flakes through the paint because Adrian shotgunned it first ROFL

Edited by 240k Style

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ohh I was thinking the same colour for when I do mine! I rekon it will look great! yours will be done well before mine so I cant wait to see it!

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Ok so I've slowly dragged my feet this year. Had a lot on at home with the young fella. But I've started to sand back the areas of the body that cause me concern.


It's actually looking quite good so far. Although using an orbital sander because my compressor blew up isn't fun. More dollars to replace that. And delay buying more parts :(

But since I've come to the realisation I want to get my hands dirty and weld up what I need to on this car I decided to get serious with her.


All the interior is out bar the dash and the door glass. This is helping me to find out what will need replacing with new metal. Although it seems the previous owner loves using a rust proof tar a lot. That's going to be bloody annoying.

I've got a GTR fiberglass grill coming along with a few other bits and pieces so hanging out for those

But a massive positive is a company in Sydney are offering to make new rust repair panels for these cars if they can get their hands on a good car. Luckily a good friend has one in Sydney!! Score. So there is a chance that soon I can buy new rust repair sections to weld in, saving me huge headaches, and hours of frustration, poorly attempting to fabricate new ones.

And then my dad sends me these



Now I'm back to square one on colour. The red is amazing.....

That's all for now, just rapt to be doing work on the Kenmeri again

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Awwwww you've been saving that for little ol me??? Mate that car is literally perfect in my eyes....hard to resist.

On a side note. Airmail from Japan arrived today...



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yeah its pretty sweet.. it makes me reconsider going a non-original red (i was pretty set on the R35 GTR red)..

The only datsun pic i have seen that was better was a grey 240Z, with black chromed trim.... soooooo nice..... shame i am not modding mine now

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