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  1. ohh I was thinking the same colour for when I do mine! I rekon it will look great! yours will be done well before mine so I cant wait to see it!
  2. so in the group buy you receive Bump stop strut bushes control arm inner bushing idler arm bushing strut bar to chassis mount kit is this correct?
  3. nice find mate! is this Facebook page a private page? ive been looking for some local pages with fellow 240k owners but cant find any!
  4. progress is looking bloody fantastic!
  5. ^^ i second that comment. The things i would do for all those great parts!!
  6. progress is going really well! im good mates with paul and love looking at this when im at the shop. hopfully ill run into you up there somtime!
  7. thanks, im definatly going to stay L series motor. Planning on putting in a worked L28
  8. these are the pics from when i bought the car. Total stip down for sandblasting will be happening as soon as get time and room to do it!
  9. Hey guys n girls, Thought i would start a thread bout the 240k i purchased a few months ago. I bought it off ebay as a second chance offer ( person who won the bid did not follow though with purchase, so owner contacted me and asked me to make an offer) After settling on a price i drove over to Wagga Wagga to pick it up. After seeing on this site what other users were saying about the car i was a bit worried on what the condition of the car was going to be like. But overall i was really quiet happy with the car, yes there is a few usual rust areas and some dents but i bought this car wanting t
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